Monday, March 7, 2016


      The train tracks that I love. 
Oi familia!!! This week was really great. I love serving here in Uruguaiana. The members and people are amazing and the sisters we live with are super fun. I loved getting packages from my sister and my grandparents. Thank you so much for sending me stuff!! You dont know how important the candy was for a family we have been teaching. I gave the little kids the candy that Caitlin send and they were all in heaven! They don't have much, so it was so sweet to see them cherishing every bite of the candy. We are teaching some amazing people and are seeing the hand of our Heavenly Father in every moment. He is in charge of this marvelous work. The time is racing and it is killing me. We will be receiving the transfer phone calls this week and I am thinking that I could be transfered. We shall see, but thanks for all you do and I hope you all have an amazing week!!!
                                   Happy my sister took a picture 
                                   with my flag at her wedding!!! 
                                               I love it!!!!
JOURNAL ~ Tuesday, March 1, 2016
The time is flying, it's insane. March already! I have been thinking a ton about the MTC lately being that I was there learning a year ago. It blows my mind how much I've grown and learned in just one year. I look back to those first missionary moment and remember all those nervous and scared feelings missionaries get as they press on with faith through the MTC and the first few months of being in the field. I am a whole new person because of the experiences I've had. I loved the MTC and I'm so glad I got to witness and feel the powerful spirit there with missionaries from around the world. I will always cherish in my heart my MTC experience. Today I have been reflecting on a lot of things.

Friday, March 4, 2016
We are teaching so many amazing people and we are seeing miracles. God truly is in charge of his work. C. still loves the church and loves our messages. She needs so much help with her family, but she is so strong through all of her difficulties. As we are right today, they all gathered around (her family of six) to hear our message. We taught the gospel of Christ with her and talked about things He taught. At the end of the lesson, we asked her about baptism again. She shared that she wants to be baptized but she's not married legally and doesn't have money to do so. She shared how they only receive food on Thursdays and that the kids don't have clothes. My heart broke. We asked her about how she feels about the church and how she felt at church on Sunday. She got quiet and started to cry. She said that she feels like all of her problems and trials disappear when she enters the church building. She said that we are her angels sent from God that are changing her life. I shed some tears with her as she expressed her love and things for us and for the change we are helping her to make in her life and her family's. What an amazing feeling it was to see someone that has been impacted by the gospel and Christ's church I shared with them candy my grandparents sent me from the USA and it was so sweet seeing the kids savoring every bite. It took them a good 10 minutes to finish eating it. I love this family and their humble sweethearts.
I love this family!
Thanks to my sister for the lollipops!! They all loved them!!! 
I gave them the suckers as we walked to the church building. 
They all were in heaven.

Sat., March 5th, 2016 
There are so many people from a religion called the "Banda". I think that it only exists in Brazil, but our area has tons of members and it's not good. The people have ceremonies and rituals where they kill animals as sacrifices, drink blood, talk to and or see spirits from the other side, and do all sorts of horrible things. It's super scary. We found and talk to someone from this religion and met someone possessed with an evil spirit. Satan is so real. He really does have followers. I'm so grateful that the truth has been restored on the earth once more and that as members we have the peace that the Spirit brings. I am grateful for the covenants I've made in the temple that guide me and serve as a protection from all evil. The last days are here and I'm so glad that Heavenly Father is calling all of his children to repent and be protected from all that is bad. He is so loving. All we have to do is do what he asks and directs us to do and we will have true happiness forever.
Sister Porter

      Love the horses in the middle of the street.

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