Monday, March 14, 2016


Oi familia!! Guess what?!? I didn't get transferred! Sister Gregatto and I are gunna stay together in Uruguaiana!!! Yay! and right now I am in Santa Maria for Visa purposes and the mission leadership counsel. 
The border of Argentina adventures with my ladies
That is why I didn't have time to write a longer email. But I am so excited for today because it's p-day and so we are going to go visit some of the people I taught when I first started my mission here!!! Ahhhh I'm dying to talk to the people that I couldn't fully talk to or express my love to when I couldn't speak Portuguese! I'm so excited for this next transfer. The time is passing way fast though, this transfer will only be 5 weeks instead of 6. The sister, that met you mom in Arizona, is coming tomorrow and I hope I will see her at our zone conferences this week! We will be having zone conference in Alegrete again, but this time, President Parrela asked  Sister Gregatto and I to give a trainment. So we will be giving a trainment to all of the missionaries about the Book of Mormon and how we need to use it to teach people.  In front of all of the elders and sisters and President and Sister Parrela. Ahhh  Talk about nerve wracking! I never would have imagined doing this before the mission, but all things are possible through our Heavenly Father who takes our fears away and gives us the strength to do all things. We are excited. I love to teach.
This week was crazy. Just a few things that happened:
-We got a phone call from the zone leaders. They told us that they think it would be good for us to go visit the sisters and see what is going on because there has been a lot of what we call "fubecagem" going on in their apartment (basically disobedience). So we woke up early and went to the sisters home at 6:30am and called one of the sisters to open the door. Wow! did we see a sight. When we got in the apartment, a sister was heading to take a shower. She saw us and then ran into the room to change into her work-out clothes (we work out for 30 min every day). Another sister gasped with shock that we were there. Another sister was SLEEPING at about 6:40am and the other sister was doing nothing. Woww. it is incredible what happens in the mission with disobedient missionaries. We asked the sisters if we could see their plan book and it had blank pages or they drew pictures on the pages. These sisters weren't doing anything. I have learned so much about how to deal with people that need to be helped. I am so grateful my Heavenly Father is allowing me to help these sisters.
Some things that happened this past week~
-My companion fell asleep during a lesson. It was hilarious!!! The man totally knew it and we laughed a ton.
-We found out that V. and V. are married and that she received an answer that the church is true just by reading the Book of Mormon. It is seriously the most powerful testimony and witness of the true gospel and the restoration.
- We are teaching I.'s husband now!yay!
We are working tons and seeing miracles. The mission really is amazing. As I am here in Santa maria, I remember being a new missionary and can see how much I've grown. I came into the mission field 1 year ago! I have become someone that I never thought I could become. My life has completely changed. The mission field is super tough, but so incredible. I love being a missionary. There is no greater work than this. I am so grateful for the things I've learned and grown from and for this time for me to give back to my Heavenly Father what he has done for me. I love helping the missionaries here in this mission and am looking forward working my hardest for my master, Jesus Christ, all the way to the end. I love you all and hope you have a great week!!!
Sister Porter

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