Monday, February 29, 2016


This week was really good. We taught a lot of people. Our president came into town and we had interviews and a little devotional with him. My companion had her birthday this week and we went over to a members house and they surprised her with cake and food. Her parents sent a video for her to watch of her family talking to her. It was really cool! I think that you got a picture of the party. My companions camera is super nice. It has Wi-Fi and so she can send pictures to any email by Wi-Fi. So just know that is how you got it. This week too I got to speak with my past companion. I served with her in Santiago and she is in San Gabriel right now serving with all the people I taught there. She said that I. cut her hair and she bore her testimony in Sacrament meeting and that it was super scary for her to go up there and talk to the people but she was super powerful. Her testimony is really strong. It made me super happy to hear this and it was really nice to talk to my companion again. I think that there is a special bond that we have with our companions. I think that we will always be such good friends, almost like sisters forever because we have shared so many spiritual experiences together. She visited an old man that I used to teach. (I sent a photo of him a couple months ago.  He is this old guacho, super sweet old man.) She handed the phone over to him and I about died, I literally cried talking to him. I love these people so much! He talked to me about how he misses me and sister R. and how he feels like we're his granddaughters. It was really cute. Sunday we had A whole family of six come to church. It was really neat because chapel was full of people. The elders, along with us, brought a lot of people-  A lot of investigators to the church. It was really neat. They don't really have anything and are very poor but hey are so humble. I am learning so much from these people that have nothing but are so happy. 
Right now we have P-day and it's really fun to just relax and do whatever we want. I love the mission and I never want to leave. Crazy to me how much the time passes. It's already March and it's freaking me out. I think I would stay here forever if I could. It's definitely not easy. There are some days when I just want to roll up in a ball and cry my eyes out but it's such a learning experience. I'm so grateful that I have this opportunity. I just wanted to thank you for all that you do. I hope that your week was good. I'm having a super hard time speaking English- It's embarrassing. I'm excited to see you guys on the 12 of July and to talk to you on Mother's Day. I looked on the calendar and saw that it's going to be my moms birthday! What a special day this is going to be to talk to my mom on Mother's Day, on her birthday. Just know that I love you all and I think about you and pray for you. You all are amazing!

Saturday February 20th 2016
Today we saw a miracle that I never want to forget. We had lunch with a sweet member I. and after we ate lunch, and left a message with her, we asked her if she knew anyone we could visit. She thought for a while and then told us about a neighbor who already received the elders in her home for years. She told us that she let us in and let us share a message, but that she is very Catholic and doesn't want to ever change. But she said, who knows, maybe I'll change one day. So we went to visit this woman I.. She let us in and we began to converse about her life and we got to know her well. Her two adult daughters were there too. The whole time they kept sharing how elders always shared messages with them and how their whole family is Catholic. I kept thinking these ladies don't want to listen to us let's just share a scripture quick and leave. But as they accepted to hear the message and as we started to teach, the situation seemed so right to share the message of the restoration. The words that we needed to say just flowed out of our mouths as we talked about the restored Church of Christ, the spirit literally took over. We taught the first lesson about Prophets, Joseph Smith, and how Christ established his church on the earth. They were all asking questions and understanding everything. At the end of the lesson, we invited them to pray about the message. I kept thinking to myself, they understand the message, and feel the spirit, but we can't scare them away by inviting them to be baptized. But the spirit told us otherwise. We explained about how baptism needs to be and we challenged all three of the women to be baptized. All three accepted immediately. We were in complete shock. They told us that they have been having doubts about the Catholic Church and now understand the truth. God really does know when his children are ready and prepared to receive the gospel. After so many years of receiving elders, all these women needed was time, humility and sisters. I am so grateful for the many tender mercies and miracles that I see everyday. God is so aware of his children.
Found a twin to my dog, 
Casper, here in Brasil! 

Wednesday February 24th 2016
Today President and Sister Parrela arrived in Uruguaiana to have interviews and to inspect our homes. The Zone leaders called us and told us that we needed to meet at the chapel for a meeting with the president after lunch. 

Our whole zone was at the church building and President Parella talked to us about the new mission vision and strengthening the priesthood and youth in Brazil and how we needed to work with the members to fulfill this vision that God has inspired the church leaders with. He then started having interviews with each one of us. While we waited, we chatted with the other missionaries, shared experiences, laughed a ton, and Sister Parella checked our homes. We waited all day for our turn to be interviewed. Literally missionaries have a lot to talk about. I finally got to talk with him at about 8 o'clock. It took forever, especially in the humidity, heat, and without air conditioning in the chapel all day. But it was so worth it. I entered the room and he greated me like he always does. In English and with a firm handshake. He began to ask me about how things were going, and about obedience and if there was anything I needed to help with, or worried about, or wanted to know. I told him everything was fine, that I was obedient, and that there wasn't any particular thing he could help me with. But I knew that this interview would be a good time to ask him anything. I asked him, "President I am curious to know how you receive answers to who needs to be with who, and what callings need to go with what people and how you knew I needed to be in the calling I have right now as a sister trainer leader? What went through your brain?" Haha I explained to him how I feel so inadequate and other sisters could do better. He looked at me and said, do you really want to know? I think it's fair that you know what happened. He explained to me how he fasted for 3 days only eating lunch and then kneels in front of the board in his office with our pictures and prays. He said he feels he needs who needs to be with who and if something isn't meant to be, he removes and tries again following what the Spirit tells him. He said that he knew immediately that I needed be a leader that I was prepared. He said our mission needs powerful sisters and many times I wanted to call you to train new sisters coming into our mission, but Heavenly Father wouldn't let me. He made it clear that you need to help train, teach and be an example for these sisters. My heart sank. I always wanted to help the new sisters and train a newbee. But God needed me to help train them all. I began to shed a few tears. He looked deeply into my eyes and with the sweetest words look deeply in with the sweetest words then thanked me for my service and example. He expressed how Heavenly Father calls those who think they aren't capable to do hard things or have a leadership position because they will be humble and learn how to lead with love. He thanked me for staying strong during difficulties and trials, like being sick, learning a new language and dealing with tough companions. He explained how through these experiences, I will be able to know how to help the sisters in the mission with the knowledge and strength that I've gained. I shed many tears hearing this from my Mission President. What a blessing he has been in my life. I will forever be grateful for him in the confidence and faith he always puts in me. I will always treasure his fatherly love and concern and his words of wisdom and comfort. What a powerful man. I am so blessed. We ended way late. It was just my companion and I and two other sisters left. We all were hungry and so what did President do? We all ate a super nice Charasco dinner with him and Sister Parella. Gotta love Gauchos.

Sunday February 28th 2016
Yesterday we had a family night with our ward and our investigators at the church. We brought the C. family. C. is a woman we found as we were looking for an address one day. She has six children and is super humble. Their family literally doesn't have anything. There is a part of our area that is super poor. Like third world, really bad poor. When we went to visit them this week my heart broke. We were teaching them about the Book of Mormon and during the lesson the kids were fighting to eat burnt rice. They have two beds, and one little fan. In this heat you need more than one fan and I don't know if the bathroom exists. I have seen poor, but not to this extent. Her husband works all day parking cars and only receives coins that the owners give him. When we teach, they all listen so closely and the kids hug us and give us anything and everything. We came to pick them up today for church and all were dressed and ready when we got there. C.carried her one-year-old and we walked about 40 minutes to arrive in the church with a flock of children early this morning. 

It was amazing the ward members were dying with excitement to see a whole new family at church. The family loved all of the meetings. They will be baptized for sure one day. We took pictures with them and as we took the pictures C. asked, "Can you girls print these pictures for us? I don't have any pictures of my children. I would love one of me and my new baby." Wow! I almost cried then and there. The smile on their faces was so amazing to see as people make them feel welcome and loved. God is so good. I love the gospel. It helps all because it is the Church of the person who saved and helped all mankind. What an amazing blessing it is to be part of this incredible work of the Lord.

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