Monday, March 28, 2016

EASTER ~ New Life

I loved getting an Easter package from home! Thank you so much! I am so excited to teach my comps how to color Easter eggs! I'm also so excited for my little brother to get his mission call. I hope you all had an awesome Easter. What did we do this week? What did we do for Easter?… Teach! It was crazy this week. The winter season is starting, and it's cold. It is been raining and cold/windy outside. It's not fun. Especially without an umbrella. Mine broke and my companions broke too so we carry our stuff in bags and just get sopping wet. We will buy umbrellas today for sure. 

Our lovely boots as we watched Women's Conference.
The other women were staring at us like we hiked a mountain or something haha.

We have been sharing the Easter video that the church launched. It is super good!
We had divisions this week with Vila Julia and Uruguaiana wards. I was dying with excitement because I got to serve with Sister S.! She is the new American sister from AZ.  I feel so grateful to Heavenly Father for giving me the opportunity to teach, serve, and help her during these difficult days of being new here. The division went so well. I had never served with a "newbie" before, so it was interesting. She can only share her testimony right now (in Portuguese) so I basically had to do the teaching. She is was so sweet. She cried a few times during the division too, and it reminded me of how I was when I arrived in the mission. It was the hardest, most lonely time I've ever passed through in my entire life. Wanting to talk and share and not being able to, not understanding anyone, not knowing what to say or do, and feeling alone and useless, is the worst feeling ever. I just gave her lots of hugs and I gave her a few pep-talks and we chatted about the mission and how she can do it. I bore testimony to her about how Heavenly Father helps us, comforts us, and gives us the strength to do all things. I shared my personal experience with her and I loved being able to use what I've learned to help her have more confidence and hope. It was so strange knowing that she met my family, saw my new home before I did, petted my dog, and read my emails before she came here. I felt like she already knew me super well. It was so special for me to help her. I felt the same way she does and I'm so glad I could help another with the knowledge I've gained. I loved serving with her!
I also served with Sister C., another American from Missouri, St. Louis. She is so fun and one of my good friends now. We live in the same apartment and are always talking and enjoying little antics. I love serving with her too. 
Sopping wet on our division!! We were soaked!!
Really, I feel so privileged to be learning from many sisters from all over. They are also incredible and powerful examples to me. I am a lucky one. We have been seeing so many miracles lately. L. is trying to get married so she can get baptized on the 16th, V. and V. told us yesterday that they both want to be baptized and will pray about the 16th. People are stopping us in the street to talk to us about the gospel. We found a man wanting to change his life. He yelled out, "Missionaries!" And asked us if we could help him. Also, the members are giving us references. One reference we went to visit yesterday. She told us that her husband had treated her bad for many years and abused other women too. She cried so many times during the lesson. She told us that she left him and wants to start again. We talked her about the atonement and she expressed her feelings towards her situation. At the end, she thanks us so deeply and closed in prayer. During the prayer, she thanked God for our visit and thanked Him for sending us there because she was thinking about killing herself before we got there. Ahhhh!!! My heart sank. God really does guide us and knows which children are ready or not. Mission life is tough, but so amazing. I love being able to help people as an instrument in gods hands. He does everything. The church is so true in every way. I hope you all enjoy conference this week! Sister Porter

This freaks me out. I went to the police station to update my visa and they took a pic. It was a whole year after I had arrived in Brazil. Look at the difference of one year!!!! The one on the left is when I got here, and the one on the right is right now. I am a new person!!!! Little girl to woman...haha crazy, huh??

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