Monday, August 31, 2015

Oi oi!! haha my companion has been asking me how to say things in English and I just love how she says the word “awesome" haha! It is literally sounds like "ashhhom" haha. Thank you so much for the letters this week!!! 
This week was crazy and a bit rough. So ya my companion is a little tough, but I am trying to do my best to love her and stay strong. She has pictures of her boyfriend on the wall, is constantly complaining that our investigators live far and that we walk too much...(umm welcome to the mission here in Brazil), and I wait by the door every day for her to be ready to leave. It is a pain sometimes working with a grumpy person that doesn't really love what they are doing but that isn't stopping me! haha We have been working closer to our chapel so the investigators can attend and have been clapping lots of doors and talking to lots of people.
Now that I have gotten the language down pretty well, I feel like I can apply all of the things I learned from Michigan here. I have been thinking a lot about my mission in Michigan this week. My companions taught me how to be a perfectly obedient missionary. And here, I am applying the tracting/talking to people and obedience skills I learned there, here. My companion laughs at how I try to be obedient in everything president says, but I know miracles come from being obedient from experience.
President Parrella came to Sao Gabriel this past Wednesday and did interviews. It was so funny because while my companion was being interviewed, Sister Parrella was showing me how to make tea out of some leaves and how to ask people for free fruit haha. I love her. She also visited a family with us ~ E. & R.. It was so sweet and special with her. E. and R. are waiting for their marriage papers still, but should get them soon. they mean so much to me. I know I was meant to find them and help them someday get sealed. E. was so cute telling Sister Parrella that she is so happy that the sisters found her and that we have changed her life. She said "Sister Porter has influenced me for good. I am trying to be more like her. She is so soft and has such a sweet spirit.” (I literally almost cried) they have a special place in my heart.
The Edward's family came to pic up their son this week, so cool!
They are from my mission in Michigan and I met them there! So when they came I was so excited! They gave us American candy and talked to us for a bit.
I was so embarrassed because Elder Edwards dad asked me how long I've been out and I literally forgot the number seven in English. I paused for a good 10 sec! Ahhh they all laughed at me. I only have 4 months here and I am forgetting words in English. I am seriously scared. I have a year left. This week we also taught English and Spanish classes in the city! It was soo cool. I understood everything in Spanish but is so hard to speak with a different accent.
Our investigator J. is amazing. We have been teaching him lots but this week was awesome because he took us around town and said “I have a friend I want you sisters to meet" and literally introduced us to the entire town. Every house we stopped by he would say, “These are the sister missionaries and they have been teaching me messages about Jesus Christ." Then we would introduce ourselves and talk with them. Everyone knows him and everybody let us in! We got so many references haha! It was amazing! I was in heaven!
I know that this work is the work of God. It isn't easy, but he knows what he's doing. He knows his children. He knows what they need to hear. He knows what they need to learn. I am so grateful for this special time to be a missionary. I love him. I love this work.
Sister Porter

Monday, August 24, 2015

Oi todos!(Translate~ Hello Everyone).
-We were walking down the street and yep a bird pooped on my head. I don't know where they are coming from!
-R. calls me "a dream" it's starting to creep me out but it's funny
-My mission leader prophesied that I will be a leader and speak the language perfect ha ha
-A man likes our accents so he recorded us...weird
Well, Sister H. left me here in São Gabriel on Tuesday and I worked with a member, G. (19 who's leaving on her mission this week) all day until my companion arrived later that day. 

It was such an adventure and so hilarious with her as we talked in the pouring rain. We got soaked. literally. it was fun showing her what missionaries do, especially with the full experience in the pouring rain, mud, and cold. my companion, Sister R. arrived early. 

The first words she said were "I've been waiting here for an hour and a half." Um ya we got there on time, but I immediately thought 'oh no, she's a grump' ha ha The rest of the night I talked to her about our investigators and she just listened. She seemed like she was mad or something. I asked her what's wrong and she laughed and said "you like missionary work, don't you?" ....I responded "Yes, I love this." We have so many people who are ready to be baptized and I am excited to get to work. Do you not like missionary work or something? Is something wrong?" She just said "I am tired and yes, this work is good." Then she was silent the rest of the time. I freaked out inside a little. The first couple days with her were rough but I remembered something my friend Samuel told me when I first came out on the mission. He said to just love my companion even if it seems like she hates me. So that's what I've been doing! and I love her.
(Funny that we cant reach the door bell haha)
She is very quiet but has a sweet spirit. She talks with a very thick accent and we are teaching each other English and Spanish. It's great :) I am grateful for her and this challenge of being a leader here in this area. It's been tough remembering everyone and everything with only 6 weeks, but I know Heavenly Father trusts me and knows I can do it. We have been clapping lots of doors and talking to lots of people. My language has gotten so much better. People literally think I'm from Sao Paulo or the Frontera. It's hilarious. I feel so blessed to have been blessed with the language in 4 months. We have been having lots of family nights with the members and working tons. I love our area! These people know how to do missionary work. This week was so strange leading my companion in our area but we saw so many miracles and moments where the spirit really guided us. Our investigator E. has such a strong testimony of the spirit and constantly is expressing to us the feelings she has. She told my companion that the missionaries taught her before, but when I talk she feels the spirit touch her heart and peace pierce her soul. She knows the gospel is true because she felt the spirit transform her. Sometimes it is hard being a missionary, but when people feel the spirit when we teach and help them, they change, all is well. I am so grateful for this time. I know that E. needed me here. I know I am supposed to be here in this area at this time for a reason. The gospel is true. Only through the spirit can we truly become converted. I love you all!!
Sister Porter
                                                           (Tea with the investigators)

Monday, August 17, 2015


This week we got transfers! I will be serving with sister Romero from Argentina! Yayyy! Espanol! haha I am so excited to meet her and work with a Hispanic. I am going to miss my comp so much though. I have learned so much from her. I am going to miss her whistling in the street, the funny stares we get, the lessons we teach when neither of us know what they are saying and we just laugh after, screaming with excitement after amazingly spiritual lessons, and the way she says "tudo bem" at the top of her lungs. Every companion is so special and truly meant for that time. I miss Sister A. de S. so much. It's crazy. She is literally like a sister to me. (mom please tell her I miss her and love her for me).
Our area is amazing. We have amazing branch members who are returned missionaries and know how to work with us. We have so many family nights each week with the members and investigators, it's amazing. 

G. is a young woman who is prepping to serve a mission and totally reminds me of myself before the mission cause she comes with the sisters to lessons a ton to prepare. The youth here are POWERFUL. Their testimonies are amazing. 
Our elders in our branch are amazing too. They are truly our friends. Elder G. is the best district leader I've ever had. Every district meeting I learn something new. He is inspiring and Elder M. is my bud from the MTC, so its so funny having him in the same place. We play "what are the chances that you do this..." all the time and teach Elder G.(Bolivian) American jokes. They are a hoot! I am in the best area.
Funny things that happened this week: 
-Our investigator R. wouldn't let go of my hand when I was shaking it...and called me "Angel face"....sooo weird. Sister H. and I were dying afterwards haha I get weird comments all the time
-We visited a less active member and asked her if she has been reading her Book of Mormon. She said "ya! every day" and pulled out her gospel principles handbook....umm ya....liar
-Our leader of the mission thinks he receives revelation for our lives...Lets just say our meeting was quite the experience. He petted my head and told me to never change. Strange people here my friends....strange people haha
-We were doing contacts in the street and as my companion was talking a bird totally pooped on her head
We are teaching so many amazing people! I. is a daughter of a family of members but she has never been baptized. She's about 17 years old. 

 We are working with her. It's so special to help the teens, I love it. L. is also a teen and dating a member in our branch. She has such a strong testimony and called us this week and told us that she wants to be baptized next week! So we shall see. R., remember her? Ya we brought up the word baptism and she got nervous, so we are helping her to get ready. She is so special and loves reading the Book of Mormon. I love seeing her because she gets so excited to learn more. E. - she is a miracle. She stopped drinking coffee, received a testimony of the word of wisdom and now is preparing to get married and baptized. Her husband is a less active member that we are working on activating and has the Aaronic priesthood to baptize her. He is working right now to get the Melchizedek Priesthood. They are sooo special. They are doing everything to have an eternal family and be sealed in the Porto Alegre temple. This week we passed by their house and E. said that her friend was in trouble and needed to move out of her house immediately. So we went over to the house with her. The woman was in tears and was so distressed. We started to help and then called the elders to come too. She told us that she asked E. why she is so happy and what the sisters are doing to her haha and Enilda told her that she stopped drinking coffee and loves our messages and knows it's true. The woman, S., said she stopped drinking coffee and told us that she wanted to learn more. She said she could feel such a calm peaceful feeling with us there in her home. This experience was amazing. E. is such a missionary and we are starting to spread the news more and more. This week was amazing. This time is so special. I love watching the lives of people change completely and see the light and peace of the gospel enter their lives. This is true! I know it. This week share your testimony about something with someone because you never know what could happen. I love you all!!! Tchao! Beijos!
Sister Porter

Monday, August 10, 2015

Olá olá!
Oi! Ok, so I have no idea where my email went from last week and it was a great nice big long one....sorry mom. Bem vindos ao Brazil!! (welcome to Brazil) haha but this week was awesome! I was so happy to be able to Skype you all and see your faces and hear your voices. My mission president really is a special man to let us talk to our dads on Fathers Day. I loved seeing grandma and grandpa Fisher too! I miss them so much and hearing that cute accent made my heart soar. Thank you for your words and prayers grandpa and grandma. We had a family night with members, investigators and some less actives and I shared how my grandparents sacrificed so much for the church. How they are pioneers and missionaries. How because they left their country, their culture, their family, everything-->generations and my family has forever been effected. How they sacrificed so much to be sealed and live close to the temple and how because of them, every grandchild they have, girl and boy, has served a mission. I am so grateful for my grandparent missionaries.
This Sunday I gave my first talk in church here in Brazil. And I literally winged it cause they told me I would "maybe" speak. But it was such a neat experience. I asked them to think about their relationship with their dad and then their relationship with their Heavenly Father. I shared how my dad is so special to me. How he is truly someone I want to be more like and how people always say I look like him and they can tell I'm a Porter. haha I compared this to the way we need to be with our Heavenly Father. He is our dad! People need to look at us and see that we love him. See a light that burns within us that shows that we truly are His child. I hope you all try to look for ways to be more like Him and our Savior in everything you do.
Our investigator, E., had some doubts about stopping drinking coffee when we visited her a couple weeks ago. She shared how she has major migraines and needs it as a medicine because of the caffeine. We told her that we would do a fast with her family and see what happens when she stops with faith. Well, we fasted and prayed so much and returned to visit her. We were so worried she would have difficulties. But she told us that she feels sick when she drinks it and completely gave it up. Her friend came over (nonmember) and said "Why aren't you drinking coffee?' in a kinda 'your crazy' way and she completely bore her testimony and shared how she has been strengthened by obeying the word of wisdom. Miracles do happen people! She now has her papers for marriage and will be baptized in about a month! yay!!!
I got pictures this week of my dear J. being baptized in Santa Maria and lemme tell ya, my heart couldn't be happier!

Note sent with Pic: Sisteres queridas!
Queria compartilhar com vocês essas fotos e parabenizá-las pelo trabalho e amor de vocês.
A ala Santa Maria ainda está colhendo os frutos que vocês plantaram. Amo vocês! Beijoos! <3  
TRANSLATION ~  Dear Sisters!
I wanted to share with you these photos and congratuate you for the work and love you gave.
Santa Maria is still reaping the fruits that you planted. I love you!

There are no words that describe the feelings that come when someone you love so much enters into such a sacred covenant.
I read in the scriptures today in D&C 1:23 about how God calls missionaries that are imperfect, young, and that don't know everything for a reason. I was deeply touched. I met J. when I could hardly speak anything in Portuguese, but she was touched by the simplicity of our testimonies and our love for her. There is no happiness like the happiness of a missionary. I love LOVE love being a missionary. This is the toughest most amazing thing I've ever experienced. Every day I feel like singing the primary song "I feel my Saviors love". This gospel is so true and so amazing. it is truly the only way to true happiness. I love my Savior. I love this gospel. I know its true. Thank you all for your prayers. Amo vocês!!
Sister Porter

Yes, I ate armadillo!