Monday, June 1, 2015


Oi oi minha família e amigos! (google translate~ Hello my family and friends)
This week was like a roller coaster. Seriously,we had so many ups and so many downs, but the life of a missionary is amazing!! Heres some happenings and tender mercies:
-Started the week with the funeral of a woman who had câncer in our Ward. It was soooo sad. She has two little girls and everyone was so upset. I couldn't help but think of my mom and how I couldn't imagine my life without her. I learned so much about the Plan of Salvation. It is so perfect and we are so Lucky to have it.
-M. B...she invited her grandson to live with her and he is a bad influence. He hates the church and constantly tells her bad things about us, so she wasnt baptized this week. I was so upset and of course I had to ask her if she knows it's true, and she said yes....ahhhh!! PORQUE?! I cried. It was hard but I know she will be baptized one day. We as missionaries need to trust in the Lords timing in all things
-It rained allllll day on Wednesday super hard. and when it rains here, it falls in every direction and everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) gets sopping wet. haha It was so crazy… And no one wants to talk to you. So it was a rough day
-Our investigator, E., prayed for the first time. It was so spiritual and as she prayed for our families, she started to cry. It was so touching.
-I love companion prayer with Sister A. de S. She said, "Today wasn't very good, but we are doing our best, rained a ton and no one wanted to listen to us. Our área is dangerous and we like our lives....please keep us safe."hahaha
-Found out that my companion and I will be together for another transfer, wooohooo!!! :) a huge blessing. She is a stellar investigator and has such a tender heart. She is so sweet. She made us cake and scarfs this week. Brazilian culture is sooooo loving. J. is sometimes tough on me with the language. After saying something she'll say "did you understand what I said?" and I usually understand, but she Always asks "ok, what did I say then?" ahhhh! haha It is a little tough sometimes because I only get the gist. But I am so grateful that at 6 weeks I can understand and talk with almost anyone. It is still hard, but I feel so blessed and know my Heavenly Father is helping me.
-My companion and I live with the sister training leaders and we got a new sister this week! She is from Salta, Argentina and is so sweet. She reminds me of my cute Hermana Safsten. So I am officially the only American in the house. yay!!
-Made contact with a man and he kept staring at me. I'm starting to get used to the stares, but then he grabbed my hand and said,"Com todo respeito, você é muito bonita" (google translated ~ With all due respect, you are very beautiful)...haha it was so weird, and my companion told him I am American and you would have thought I was a celebrity. So funny.
Now on to the spiritual. This week I learned so much, but I want to share a few thoughts with you.  I was Reading in Jacob 5 about the olive trees. My mission has changed my life. It has been so hard, but I have seen the hand of God in everthing. He knows all. It was so hard for me to leave Michigan and start over with everything here. Different everything. But, like the olive tree, Christ is Always here for us. To mold us, shape us, cut us down, and bring us back up. He knows what we need to become what he wants! And sometimes it is hard understanding his will, but that is why Faith is so important.
Mormon 1:7-This scripture is amazing and exactly how I feel. I have been so humbled being here and not being able to do anything without the spirit. I literally cannot function with out it. Jesus Cristo Works through his children.
I am so grateful for this time in my life. I KNOW that this gospel is true. I dont have a single doubt. I am so grateful for my best friend and Savior, Jesus Cristo. Through him we can do all things. I love you all with all my heart!! tchao :)
Sister Alena Porter
I took a Picture in front of the churches that are everywhere. This one is "The heart of Mary."
J. made us scarfs
Fog was really bad yesterday as we walked to church
Love Santa Maria
Família por almoço  

I killed a bug in our apartment because all of the other sisters were afraid haha

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