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Oi minha família!
First off, can I just say that I am in love with Brazil? Seriously, this is the best mission ever. The best culture ever, and the best people ever. Everything here is so diferente (seriously, I am on the other side of planet Earth), but is so wonderful. The people here are so loving and are truly special to me.
This week was full of miracles and hard times.
-Thursday was a Holiday. No one wanted to listen to us and everyone had something going on. Horrible.
-J. and M.are investigators. We visited them and M's mom was there. She is an inactive member and basically hates the church. She bashed on our beliefs and told us she found the truth in her new Faith, the Evantista church....haha One day she will see
-Fights in the streets and scary people
-Our investigator is constantly drunk when we go to visit him. it is heartbreaking
-We taught a strong Catholic about the Restoration and Book of Mórmon. My Portuguese was better than normal, it was amazing. She testified of the gift of tongues and told us that she could feel the spirit when I crazy! Miracle.
-J. - Amazing lessons, said she will be baptized, she is continuing to pray and attend church. We are hoping she will be baptized soon.  Just waiting on an answer from God. She made me bread without milk and gave me a dress from Spain. She is like a mom to me.
-Wednesday~ My companion was not feeling well and we were asked to speak at a baptism about the Restoration. I literally taught the whole Restoration to a crowd of people.  Words just flowed out of my mouth and the spirit was so strong. I was so amazed at how much I could say. I was freaking out with my Portuguese, but Heavenly Father is Always helping me. So many ward members came up to me and told me they were touched and were emotional. I couldn't believe it, with the spirit all things are possible.
-S.- we had so many amazing lessons with her, but this week was diferente. I asked her a question that the spirit placed in my mind and we found her doubts. I am starting to recognize how the spirit is speaking to me in Portuguese. It is an amazing feeling. I testified to her of the power in the Book of Mórmon, how much the gospel means to me, and why we are here as missionaries to help her. The spirit was so strong. She asked my age and was so shocked. She told my companion, "Wow, she suffers a lot doesn't she". Yes, yes I do! This language, this mission, this everything is not easy haha. but people see how much of my heart, strength, and soul go into helping them understand our message. It was an amazing experience.
I couldnt feel more grateful for this time in my life. I feel my Saviors love during the hard times and the good. Last night I had a special experience. I literally could feel my Savior right beside me. And I cannot deny it. It was such a calm, peaceful presence. He is REAL. he is Always with us. Even when we don't see Him. I know that this is His work, and I'm so grateful to be a part of it. I love you all!!! tchao :)
Sister Porter

Sister G. & I in a skirt that an investigator gave my companion hahahaha
The little primary kids write notes for us during church. I am "Sister Potter". haha Everyone loves Harry Potter

We forgot umbrelas and got SOAKED one day. Literally. I had to change my clothes completely
Lunch at the G. home with our favorite girl C. :)

Zone conference with my favorite sisters
Sister G. (Northern Brazil) and Sister V.(Salta, Argentina)

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