Monday, June 15, 2015

Olá minha família e amigos! Eu amo vocês muito :) Muito Obrigada pelas muitas cartas (google translate ~ Hello my family and friends ! I love you very much :) Thanks for the many letters) .I will try to reply to all of you when I can. Okie? Dont even know where to start. This week I learned a ton.
First off, can I just say that this mission is absolutely perfect? I seriously have a firm testimony that Heavenly Father literally calls his children to the exact place he knows they will serve the best. I truly feel like Brazilians are my people. I absolutely love everything about Brazil. I feel so blessed.
We had divisions with the sister training leaders this week and I got the Brazilian..yay :) She doesn't speak English at all and has a very thick Northern Brazil accent. So I was kinda worried what would happen with us being that I am new. But I suprisingly understood and talked to her the entire day. And man, it was an amazing day! I learned so much from her! It was hilarious teaching her English during my language study. Brazilians have a hard time with "th" and "K" at the end of words haha. We made many contacts in the street and the lessons were so amazing. The spirit was so Strong all day. It was an amazing experience I will never forget. She is the perfect example of teaching and working with love.
Our investigator, J. is praying for a baptismal date and told us she is fasting to know which day. and we didnt teach her about fasting....she learned it from church! I love how the ready and willing people are willing to do anything to know the truth. truly amazing.
We taught M. again and she told us she likes how we arent pushy with her about the gospel. We continue to meet with her and hope she will commit to baptism soon. She gave us cake and cookies and told us that they didnt have ya they had milk in guess who was sick the next day? Yep. me. I recieved a blessing from a member in the ward. The spirit was so strong and I felt so grateful for the priesthood. I had to stay home, drink this nasty cha boldo tea, and rest. It was awful. I dont know why, but the milk here I seriously cannot eat or else I get wayyy sick. I am so much better now though. I just cant eat anything with milk for the rest of my mission and make sure the people know.
Sister G. was sick one day, so Sister V. came in a trio with us. It was so much fun. But then my companion got the same sickness, then Sister V. got the same sickness, and then I got the same sickness!!! Ahh it was crazy! but we are all better now. Blessings of serving in Brazil ;)
We had so many wonderful lessons this week. The spirit is so amazing. I wish I could tell all that happens in the week, but it's not possible. This is seriously the most amazing time to be a missionary. I have been thinking so much about everything in my life that has led up to this moment and I cannot deny that Heavenly Father has a part in every moment. He literally prepares his children for what he wants them to be. I was born to be a missionary. I have never been happier in my entire life. I feel so immensly blessed to be serving my máster here in Brazil. I know that the spirit is real and that the priesthood is literally power given to us from God. I know my Savior lives!! Continue to attend the temple, pray, and read your scriptures. I love you all!!! tchao :) Sister Porter                                                 
Investigators home....and I love her dog
 Lunch with my cute friend

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