Monday, May 30, 2016



I cannot believe it is Monday again. The time flies by so quickly! This past week a ton of things happened. First off, we received transfer calls this week and both my companion and I were dying to see what would happen being as I will be leaving to come home in the middle of a transfer.  Every transfer is a complete surprise for me....Annnnd, what do you know? Yep, I was transferred! Ahhh!!! I couldn't believe it. Heavenly Father once again surprised me. I knew another sister would need to finish my comps 12 weeks of training in whatever circumstance, but it makes me sad leaving her now with four weeks left. But, I have been called to serve in the city of Santo Angelo with Sister Cruz Souza.
I have already met her once before in a zone conference and I'm excited to serve with her for a little bit. I know Heavenly Father needs me there at this time. I also know there is someone waiting for me there and He wants me to help this sister. I'm really going to miss Rosarío do Sul, 
my comp, 

and all the amazing people I've met here.

Opening an area, and training, wasn't the sea of roses I thought it would be, but it was so much fun. I loved helping my sweet companion learn how to be a missionary and being able to see Heavenly Father's hand in the many spiritual experiences we shared together serving.

The time here was amazing and will always be a part of my heart. My companion has cried for the past three days (Not even kidding) haha. She really is so sweet and has been by far my easiest companion. I love her so much. She keeps saying, "But my new comp won't do this like you do" or "I'm going to die if she doesn't do this like you did."haha So cute. I remember The scary feeling of leaving my trainer too. I'm so grateful for the blessing it was for me to be able to have helped her. Heavenly Father is so aware of each of us -it's amazing.
We have been teaching some incredible people.
W. is the brother-in-law of R., an investigator. We began teaching him and he has so much interest in the Gospel. He is one of the people I know I was supposed to find and teach on my mission. He accepted and wants to be baptized. I'm grateful for the opportunity that I had to teach him. We have been working with some less actives and have had some incredible experience helping them too. A. hasn't been to church for a while because he fell into depression and started doing drugs. But, when we went to visit him, he remembered the times when he would teach with the missionaries. He came on visits with us, is now dating a cute member, and he is so happy. They're planning on getting married and sealed in the temple. So I am beyond happy about that! We also visited A., who stopped going to church because of gossip he heard about himself from the Quorum president. When A. was born, the doctors didn't give his mom a C-section when she needed it, and so they broke some of his bones leaving him deformed. He has many challenges because he thinks normally but is impaired in many ways. He is an inspiration. He didn't need to be baptized, but he understood that in order to go to the temple he needed to be baptized. So he was, and has performed many baptisms in the temple. We visited him a few times, and I was so amazed. 
One day all of our lessons fell through and we didn't know what to do, but I kept thinking of his name. So we stopped by and asked him if he knew someone we could visit. He took my planner and wrote down 7 names with their addresses (with #'s and all). We couldn't believe it! The spirit knew he would help us. He kept telling us that he would never go back to church but that he knows it's true. Alma 5:26 came into my head.  I quickly flipped there and as I read the verse to him, (And now behold, I say unto you, my brethren, if ye have experienced a change of heart, and if ye have felt to sing the song of redeeming love, I would ask, can ye feel so now?). he began to sob. He cried so hard. He looked at me and said, "You burnt me, sister." He is difficult to understand when he speaks, but I knew the spirit helped him to realize what he needs to do. He then said, "I will go to church tomorrow. I will." My companion and I about died knowing how the spirit totally helped him to change. I love being His tool.

The mission life is tough, but so amazing. I love everything about being here. I've learned so much through it all. At times I don't understand why Heavenly Father does certain things. "And I said unto him: I know not. – 1 Nephi 13:22. But, He knows all and what is best. I'm excited for another adventure! I love you all!
Sister Porter 

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