Monday, May 9, 2016


Oi! Sorry it took so long today to write, we had a lot to do today. I loved being able to see you all yesterday on Skype! You all look so great and I was so happy to hear all about the things that are happening at home. I loved being able to see my brother open his mission call.   What a special moment it was for me to witness. He will bless so many lives with his humor and powerful spirit. I feel so lucky that I will be able to see him off and help him prepare for the temple and mission. I was hoping I could. It's gunna be awesome to spend time with him before he leaves! I love you G.B. and Happy Birthday tomorrow! I will always be so grateful that Heavenly Father sent me my cute little brother 18 years ago. You are so special to me. 
This week started off amazing with us finding and teaching new people. We see miracles every day and it's been super fun opening the area together. I love my companion. She really is the best companion I've ever had. But the week ended with me being super sick with the flu and a high fever....which wasn't fun at all. I could hardly move I was in so much pain. But like all trials, I learned so much. Patience in the Lords timing is so key to our lives being what He wants them to be. But all is well now. (Sorry I didn't take any pics this week as you can imagine). But the week ended so well with me getting to call you all and with a phone call that I got from the zone leader. He said "Sister Porter, I have some news for you.....your area in Uruguaiana is going to be baptizing 5 people this Saturday!!" I about died. He continued, "I asked the zone leader there how this happened and he mentioned you and how you taught a family. Well,,, they are going to be baptized on Saturday! Congrats for the work you did there Sister Porter!" Ahhh I literally burst into tears. The family of C. were baptized on Saturday and I couldn't be more happy. The kids needed to go to church for 3 months straight in order to be baptized (it's mission rules) and they were strong and always came! This work is really amazing. I know that the spirit lead us to that family. I am so grateful that Heavenly Father allowed us to find them and teach them. There are no words to describe the happiness that comes to my heart when families are baptized. Generations change!! It's so amazing. I know this is His work. I love him. He is my master. I know that through Him all things are possible. 
Sister Porter

Singing Happy Birthday to mom! 

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