Monday, June 6, 2016


Ola! What a crazy week. So much has happened this past week that I don't even know where to begin. On Tuesday morning I left Rosarío do Sul because of transfers. Wow… It was tougher than I thought saying goodbye to my "daughter", Sister Vicente. 

I've never cried so much leaving a companion before. We both had a hard time saying goodbye, but I know that we will always be great friends forever. I absolutely loved being able to train/help her. It was such an amazing experience that I'll hold close to me forever. 

My companion made this for me. She's so cute.  

It reads (I love you. I was trained by the best, Sister Porter)


Santo Angelo is on the other side of the mission. I left Rosarío at 8:50 AM on the bus, and got to Santo Angelo at 6 PM. It was one of the longest days of my life, ha ha. But I loved riding the bus because we drive through the wide open fields in the middle of nowhere. It's fun. 

My new companion, Sister Cruz Souza is from Garca, Sao Paulo, and is such a sweet person. She is so special.

She has lost over 40 kg on the mission (around 80lbs) and is such an inspiration. I love her already. The city is beautiful here. There are many Catholics, tons of Ford trucks (makes me miss the truck I first drove, ha ha), everyone calls me "Sister Potter" again, ha ha, and the members still sing at the top of their lungs. I trick people saying that I'm Brazilian and they sometimes believe it ha ha. Our apartment is great and we walk a ton. Life couldn't be sweeter! 

We had a zone conference in Santa Maria this past week. It was my last conference and President & Sister Parella's last conference too.
It was strange knowing that I wouldn't be seeing some sisters and elders ever again. 

 Zone conference with my buddies from the MTC
I love Sister Soares da Silva

"There is safety in obedience" 

with Sister Gregatto & Sister Cornick

This whole  week I wondered why I needed to leave my last area and be with this new sister, but President Parella let me know why when we greeted them at the beginning of the conference. He said to me,"Sister Porter, you need to help this sister. She has wonderful and has great potential and you need to help her to become the missionary that you are. The Lord trusts you and knows you can do it." I didn't even ask him why, but he knew he needed to let me know. I felt such love from my Heavenly Father when he said that, knowing that He had reasons why He needed me to be with her at this time. He knows all things. Present Parella asked all of the missionaries that were leaving in the next group to share their testimonies. I cannot believe how strange it was knowing that that was me. I got a little emotional, but shared my testimony. The mission really has changed me in my life.

Sister Vera from Peru
The spirit was so strong as we song the mission hymn. The conference really was amazing. I am seeing every day more and more why I was called to serve here in Santo Angelo with Sister Cruz Souza. The other day she said to me, "Sister Porter, no one has ever told me, or said, that I am a good missionary… But you tell me all the time that I'm doing great and only see the positive in me. Thank you, sister. Thank you." I literally almost cried as she said that. All of her comps had treated her less than she is. What an amazing privilege it is for me to be able to see her happy and getting excited about the work.
We have a good time together and are working hard. There are so many Catholics and hard situations in this area, but we are doing our best and are having fun with the silly experiences we have daily.
  I know Heavenly Father is helping us and is preparing people to hear us.

Yesterday was my last fast and testimony meeting as a missionary in Brazil, and in Portuguese. How sad! :-( So, of course I shared my testimony. I feel like I can share my feelings and testimony better in Portuguese so it was neat for me to be able to do that one more time. I LOVE being a missionary. I'm getting pretty sad as the time seems to be flying by. I often get emotional knowing that I will have to leave these people and the country I love so much. I love this work. But for now, I'm giving these last few weeks my all! This is the truth. We need to share it! We are on the earth for this very purpose. Let's all do our part and open our mouths and reach out to our brothers and sisters who are lost! I love you all and hope your week goes well!
Sister Porter

We didnt have any food in the house- Only a little bit of popcorn, a little bit of oatmeal, and 4 tangerines.....with 4 hungry sisters....BUT we found jello and this is how we cooled it off hahahahahaha it was quite the funny experience.

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