Monday, May 16, 2016


May 16th, 2016
OK, I have some HUGE news! I've been dying ALL WEEK to tell you!!!  President Parella called me on Tuesday morning on a conference call with another missionary. He said he was sorry to call so late, but he had some important news. President and Sister Parella will be finishing up their three years as mission presidents on July 1st and the new mission president will be arriving soon thereafter. He said that he did not want to overload the new mission president by having him give us our last interviews (being as he doesn't know us) and he wants to finish with this group. He also said, that some missionaries in our group have expired visas and need to leave sooner. So, due to these and other things, our return date changed. We will be finishing our missions with President and Sister Parella on JUNE 28! Ahhh!! I couldn't believe it.
My mouth flew wide-open and I cried. Not tears of happiness, ha ha, but of sadness. I'm getting gypped two weeks! Sooo not fair. I am really going to miss being a missionary and teaching these amazing people. I love everything about Brazil. It was truly heartbreaking news. I love, and am excited to see my family, but man, how I love the mission! So yep, I will see you all in six weeks at the airport. It takes a while to get there, and so I think I will be leaving here on the 28th and arriving home on the 29th (in the afternoon-ish). ALL who would like to come to the airport to see me are welcome. 
This week was difficult with me being 50% sick and trying to battle a cold. But, we are working our hardest. Tons of people are catching the flu really badly and so everywhere we go, someone is sick. Brazil is super humid, and the south is cold and wet. So it's not a good blend. We are teaching a woman, M., who has a lot of potential. We are just waiting on her answer to be baptized. We had a family night with her and some members this week and it was so fun. She's getting to know the members, and it's great. The members here are already like family to me. They are true-blue Latter Day Saints. We are reactivating some amazing people – A., F., and G. It is been quite the experience to be able to help them remember the feelings they used to have when they were attending church and how they can feel that same way again. It really is interesting seeing how Satan works with people and how he lies to them. The atonement is so real, and so powerful. Our Savior can cure anything. It is never too late. We taught so many people this week. It is so neat to be a missionary and see firsthand how amazing the church is. Even the less-actives can't deny that the church is true. We had a lot of lessons this week that were planned to visit people but when they didn't work we ended up at other places that perfect time and situation to teach someone else. It is amazing how the Lord works. He uses his servants to help those who are ready and He knows where they will be and how we can find them. Everything is going great here in Rosario. The members, the work, my companion - everything is wonderful. I'm trying to take in every moment and work my hardest while I still can. The mission has taught me so many things and has changed me in so many ways. I love teaching. I love bearing testimony. I love feeling the spirit working through me to help God's children. This truly is the best time to spread the gospel. I couldn't be more grateful for this time my life. I'm so happy! I love you all and hope you have a great week! We will all be together soon! 
Your missionary,
Sister Alena Jane Porter

P.S. It's so crazy I literally only have 6 weeks left. I'm gunna go get em´!
My boots didn't last a whole year and a half....:
(they got a huge hole in them & because we are getto on the mission,) 
I used tape for a whole day to cover it up hahaha 
I bought new replacement boots...dont worry.

My companion laughed soooo hard when I came to study like this one morning. She is African-Brazilian and so she uses this to wrap her hair every night to make it stay straight. hahahahahaha I said, "Look sister! I'm Brazilian like you!!"....She cried, she laughed so hard.

I love the horses that are in the middle of the street.

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