Monday, February 1, 2016


This week was soooo cool! I loved being able to go to another country and see their culture. I. was baptized!! 
Ahhh it was so amazing and so spiritual!!!

I love her so much it's insane!

We received transfers this week and I will be staying here in Uruguaiana with my new companion, Sister Gregatto. 

She is from São Paulo and also was trained by the same Sister, Sister Araújo de Souza. I am way excited to work with her. I met her once in the bus station and we took a picture haha. 
My companion sister Coelho is headed home (Pará) today and it was so bitter sweet saying goodbye. 

Saying goodbye to Sister Coelho!
Our apartment building

I will be heading to Santa Maria today for a leadership meeting and hope I can see some of the people I taught there. I am loving the missionary life and hope you all are doing well!!

Journal ~ Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Today we went to Livramento, which is on the border of Uruguay, to help the elders spread the word about the new chapel that was built. It was so cool being able to come to Livramento. We got lucky. When we got there, the elders took us to the apartment we would be staying at. And where did we get to live? In the elders apartment. They moved out for the week and we are living in their house. So weird. Elders don't clean properly and it is so strange knowing that it is their apartment. But it's a place to sleep and we are so excited to be here to help. 
The cool mirror at the elders apartment.
Ummm ya, what is this?! 
We found this in the elders appartment. Elders!...hhaha

We are here with tons of elders. There are 14 elders and two sisters….Just us! We joke that Presidente Parella called us to serve with all of these elders to show them how to work, ha ha. They are all so funny and we are all such good friends. We spent many hours after arriving in the city at the park talking to people. It was awesome! We set up pictures and passed out invites to the chapel open house. I loved it. There was a man, however, who treated me poorly and said some harsh things. But when this happens, even though it's tough to hear, I always remember that my Savior had it way worse and he is always by my side. This gives me the strength and confidence that I need during hard moments.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Today we entered Uruguay! There is a border line and we got to cross it. It was so cool, and so funny. 
Livramento & the border!

Gotta love it ~ Uruguay & Brazil!!

A lady said to us, "Buenas  Dias" and we all looked at each other not knowing exactly what to say back…"Uhh...Bom dia!" Haha. It was hilarious. Knowing Portuguese now, Spanish sound so much different than it did before the mission. I can understand almost everything that people say if they talk slowly, and they can understand us too. It seems like it's a little more difficult for them. The hard part is, we can't respond in their language. We contacted people the whole day in the park again and talked to so many people. I don't think I've talked to so many people in one day in my entire life like we did today. Even the news people interviewed us, it was so cool! I never thought I would make it onto Brazilian news on the Internet, but it was way cool speaking into a huge microphone and talking about what we were doing at the park as missionaries. After the park, I got to teach English class to a group of people in the new chapel.  It was such a neat experience being able to help them and use language as a way to help them visit the building and learn more about the church.  I love teaching and I had so much fun with them.  

Me teaching English!!! wahooo!!!

The view from the church building
Thursday, January 28, 2016

I can't believe that I have been a full-time missionary for one year now. 
1 YEAR!!!! ahhhhh    

The time flies way too fast. This year has been the best year of my entire life. 

Xis- sandwiches here that are super famous. We ate it for my one year mark! SO GOOD!!!! 

I accomplished so much this year with my Savior as my companion every step of the way. I have changed completely. My Heavenly father has molded me and push me to do hard things that seemed impossible. Nothing is unachievable with his help. I read my moms email this past week and loved how she reminded me that God does strange things that don't make sense to us, but because he is the almighty, it makes sense to him. He had Jesus cure people by spitting on his hands and touching their eyes. He told Moses to make a snake out of his staff. He calls us to certain callings, or positions, today that seem impossible to us. But, when we have full faith in him and rely on his will and plan for our lives, everything goes right. I have seen this happen this year in the mission field. I know God wants me to serve in this mission because I received an answer from him. Even though it scared me, and made me nervous, I went on my mission knowing he would take care of me because I was doing his will. With so many struggles, trials, and difficult times, he has been my support and strength. My closest friend and constant companion. Through it all, shaping me into the person he wants me to be and knows I can become. With one year as a missionary, my testimony has been strengthened into a witness. I know he lives. He is very real. I have felt his love and presence many times. I know he knows each of us personally and loves us so much more than we can imagine. I love being his instrument every day, all day. It is an easy, but because he is a God of miracles, he performs miracles in his own way. I have learned how to have patience, love, charity, be obedient, have a positive attitude when things got rough, And so much more. He knows what we need. I love him with all my heart. He has made me a completely different person. I'm much better, and so much stronger of a person. I love seeing people and families change completely because of the truth. The church is true. We have all that we need to be happy forever. What an amazing year it has been. I could not be more grateful for all of the people I've met, the experiences I've had, and the help I've received daily from my Heavenly Father. I've never been so happy.
Friday, January 29, 2016

Today was super cool! We went to the border before lunch with the zone leaders to visit the chapel in Uruguay. 
The chapel with my cute companion and I at the border!!

When we got to the chapel, Sister Coelho and I spotted some sister missionaries that were arriving at the chapel! We went to talk to them and quickly realized that it would be difficult to communicate with them. It was so funny talking to them in two different languages. Luckily one of the sisters was American, and so our only way to communicate with them was to have her and I talk back and forth. Spanish is so different. As we struggle to talk, a whole group of missionaries showed up at the church building. It was so neat to see how even though we work in a different country, mission, speak different languages, the work is the same and we have the same purpose. They are from the Uruguay, Montevidel West Mission. 
Uruguay with the sisters & elders. It was sooo much fun!!
I was sad to not see my cousin, Lexa, but it was so cool. Each mission is so different. I saw how truly the Brazil, Santa Maria mission is exactly the mission for me. I love Brazilians and received more of a confirmation that I am where I am supposed to be.
The elders came to say goodbye to us at the bus was so funny! The trip was a blast!

Saturday, January 30, 2016
I. was baptized today! 
Even though it was pouring rain, I. had a desire to walk with us all the way to the church building to be baptized. Very first time we met I. was in the street. We told her we were missionaries from the church and that we had a special message about Jesus Christ. She told us she had already excepted the lessons years ago with elders and told us to pass by another day. So, we passed by and have been teaching her for a short time. She had so many doubts about the priesthood and knowing what church really was true. She always told us that she liked the church she attended, Universal. But as we taught her and explained to her the gospel, her eyes opened and her heart changed. Every lesson with her was powerful. The spirit really guided our words and used us to help her gain a testimony of the truth. She stop smoking and drinking coffee super fast even though it was hard for her to stop. She needed to receive a confirmation from God that this church is true and we bore testimony of the power of prayer. She promised to pray about everything, and called us while we were in Livramento on Saturday. Que alegria! Sister Coelho and I hugged each other and screamed for joy. What a miracle and blessing! She never had been baptized in her life, but when she received a confirmation from God, she was determined. The baptism was so wonderful. She is so strong and amazing. Everything went well. What an amazing experience it is to see people change and to see how their knowledge and testimonies grew since you met them. Being a missionary really is the most incredible experience and honor. I'm so grateful for the miracles I've seen. Heavenly Father leads us to those that are prepared to receive his gospel. I. had already received the missionary lessons, but we needed to find her that day in the street and teach her the lessons again during this time in her life  when she was more open and willing to do God's will. This work really is the work of God.

Eating with I. & her husband!
Sunday, January 31, 2016
I. receive the Holy Ghost today in Sacrament meeting. I cannot express the feelings of joy that came into my heart. Her husband was baptized when he was young and has been in active ever since. But since we've been visiting her, he has stopped drinking and came to her baptism and confirmation. It was so neat seeing the change in him over time. He is returning! E., Who had been inactive for years is now over the young man in the ward and N., who was baptized a week ago, invited her friend and her husband to come to church to and they came! We are now going to have another family to baptize. My heart was so full today recognizing the miracles God has given us. I got emotional singing the sacrament hymn "Assombro me causa," I stand all amazed. Really I am amazed at all that God does. This gospel is perfect, and I'm so grateful to be a part of it.

Sister Porter

The church building in Uruguay! 
Cute little lady that gave us lunch.
I love Sister Coelho.

A sister took this picture of us after a long day walking in the sun....hahahhaa we were dying! (we didnt even know she took the pic).

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