Monday, February 8, 2016


Esta semana foi cheia de milagres! (This week was full of miracles). I am loving my new companion, Sister Gregatto.

My cute companion & I on Sunday with our polka dots.

We are working really well together and I feel like I have known her for years. She reminds me of my cousin, Rachel, in personality. I am loving Uruguaiana still and am excited to see what this transfer holds. I got some Christmas Cards this week and loved them!!! Thank you all :)
Some funny things that happened this week were:
-In the middle of a prayer I was giving at an investigators home, I fell asleep!!! Ahhh I didn't think it was possible to be in a lesson, giving the prayer, and talking in your sleep. But it's real!! Being tired is a serious problem haha. My companion and I laughed so hard afterwards because she fell asleep too haha.
-I was saying my nightly prayers when I completely fell asleep (I'm having difficulties with this haha. I am getting wiped out a little too much) and woke up 30 min later with the lamp still on and my knees completely red. Man it hurt haha. The power of prayer is real!!! Gotta love being a missionary ;) 

Journal ~ 
Monday, February 1, 2016
I can't believe it is already February. January flew by! Today was an awesome, yet busy, P – day that I won't forget. I stayed in a trio companionship with the sisters we live with since my companion had already left. We went to the computer place to write our families and then I was off to Santa Maria, by bus to participate in the mission council and leadership training meeting. I was so excited to be going back to the area where I started my mission. It had been about nine months since I was last in Santa Maria. I was still being trained and didn't speak well. I was anxious to see the place after so much time, and after so much change. I was the only sister missionary on the bus with, of course, a ton of elders. We showed up in Santa Maria and there wasn't anyone at the bus station to be my companion, and so an elder stayed with me. Weirdest feeling ever being stuck with an elder, but better than being completely alone. I know I'm going to have a shock returning home some day without a companion. But the taxi dropped me off at the apartment of the sisters. I was dying at how many memories came to mind of that apartment. I rang the doorbell and the sisters had not arrived home yet. So, I went to call them and saw I didn't have any battery left on the phone. I felt so alone. There I was alone, without a phone, without a companion, and in the dark. I freaked out a little. But a man came to the door of the building and let me in, gave me a chair and I sat outside the door.
Eating outside the sisters apartment, alone. haha
It was really funny. But I couldn't handle being alone. So, I knocked on the neighbors door and just started talking to her. She had lots of questions about the church and about what us missionaries do. As I talked to her, the sisters showed up and we all had a good time. There were about 10 sisters in one apartment. A little crazy (kinda like girls camp) but it was fun. I met my companion, Sister Gregatto, and I'm super excited to work with her. She is from São Paulo. She grew up as a member, but went inactive as a teen and stayed in active for years. But she returned strong and firm and is now an amazing missionary.    

Tuesday, February 2, 2016
Today we went to the leadership/mission council meeting with all of the zone leaders, sister training leaders, and President and Sister Parella. It was so neat seeing some of my friends and chatting with them. The meeting went well. The Assistants to the president talked with us and President and Sister Parella too. They really touched on how we need to be examples of how to work hard and how to teach well for the missionaries we work with. It was so neat. President Parella is inspired by God. Sister Parella is so special. I love them both so much. My favorite part about the trip was how I got to see how much I've changed and grown since I arrived in Brazil. The meeting was held in the same chapel we had church in every Sunday. I slept in the same apartment and C. G. came to see me with her family. She would go on visits with us when I served here and met up with me. I couldn't believe how amazing it was to understand her words and to have her see how much God changes missionaries so he can fulfill his work. I loved every minute of Santa Maria and couldn't be more grateful for the blessings and miracles God has helped me to see.

Friday, February 5, 2016
Today we saw miracles. It has been hard with practically opening this area together. Being that I haven't been in this area very long and my comp arrived this week, but we are working a ton to memorize the area and find people to teach. Right now it is a little tough to find people to teach because of the extreme heat. No one wants to talk, they are always sleeping or eating.
My cute companion & I dying in the heat walking to an appointment
I said, "Sister, make a face to show how you're feeling right now" ahahaha 
We were sweating so much. It's sooo hot here.  
I love my new companion she is way cute and fun.
But anything is possible with God. Last night, we were planning for the next day and we had no clue who else we needed to visit. We had written down everything, but had no one in mind for 6 o'clock appointment. My conflict at me and said, "Maria". I looked at her with A confused face. She again said, "Maria". I asked her who she was referring to and she said, "I don't know who she is, but we are going to find her tomorrow." And so I said, "Alright! Let's find her!" We prayed really hard for God's guidance and help. Today, as we were trying to visit the people we had planned to see, every plan fell through. Every single one. No one was home. It was super hot and humid and no one was in the street. I looked at my companion and said, "well, let's find some new people." We saw a woman and we went up to talk to her. I began, "Hello! Good afternoon! We are missionaries from the church of Jesus Christ. We are sharing a special message with people about Jesus and how he is our savior and how he can help us in our lives. Can we share this message with you?" The woman immediately said yes and invited us in. We introduced ourselves and she said, "It's a pleasure to meet you. I am Maria." We about died. God had led us to her. Maria! We taught her the restoration and she excepted baptism. What an amazing tender mercy and experience. I know God hears our prayers and always answers. He guides his servants. N. and E.are so happy now that they are inviting their friends to come to church with them and so now we are teaching them. They are young couple with a baby on the way. They need to get married, but want to know more about the gospel. We taught them the plan of salvation today and they loved it. The plan really is perfect. But it was so wonderful to see the excitement and love of sharing the gospel in E. and N. eyes. What an amazing work! This is the work of true happiness.

Saturday, February 6, 2016
Today we were trying to find an address, but ended up talking to a woman holding a baby near her home. She let us to her home and I couldn't believe my eyes. We usually don't work in her neighborhood because it seems a bit dangerous, but we saw how humbled the people are there. This woman didn't have anything, but let us in her home. Dirt floors, no food for the six kids, and we stood because there was no where to sit.  It was obvious they had had some rough times in their life. She asked us to say a prayer for her sick daughter and when we finished, tears ran down her face. Her husband was so sweet and kind too. They thanked us and we shared a short message. What an amazing moment to see how God uses us as his servants to bring peace to those who need him.

Sunday, February 7, 2016
Today was fast and testimony meeting. I love this day. So many people are out of town, or out the ward camp out because of the holiday "Carnival." The Brazil has a huge party Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday here where they celebrate carnival. There is music playing everywhere and so many people are drinking and partying. It's not good. The members leave town to escape at all. I'm so glad I'm not serving in São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro because it's so bad there. The missionaries don't even leave their homes. I loved the meetings today. I always learn something new. I love bearing my testimony to. Words mean so much
more in Portuguese. I feel like I can express my feelings better in Portuguese than in  English and so it is easier to share your testimony. I love the members here and I'm so grateful for all that I am learning. We are teaching a woman named Linda who is from Lima, Peru. She's so sweet and talks Portunol ha ha. She basically speaks in Spanish with some Portuguese thrown in there. It is super funny. But amazing being able to understand another language. I'm learning Spanish without even trying ha ha. I love this work and the sweet people. There's nothing I'd rather be doing.

Churrasco on Sunday!!! 

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