Monday, January 25, 2016


Esta semana foi ótimo!!! We had a baptism, I got my hair cut....(Oops), we are going to Livramento this week and will be able to cross the border into Uruguay!!, and transfers will happen this week. My companion is going home next week and so we are gunna be working like crazy this week in Livramento. We are so excited!! I love you all!!!

Journal Entries ~
Monday, January 18, 2016
Today was the craziest P – day of my entire mission! My companion planned the whole day out and what did we do? Shop! She's leaving soon and wanted to buy a ton of gaucho stuff. It was fun looking at all of the cool stuff, but took up our whole P day. I remembered all of the times I would go shopping with my mom and just look at stuff and goof off. It brought back so many memories. It was so fun. After she shopped all day, we went to a less actives salon to trim my hair. It had been a long time (about a year and a half) since I last cut or trimmed my hair and I felt it would be good. But no, I was wrong! She started clipping away at my hair! I was horrified. My hair was destroyed. I didn't know what to do or say. We left her salon and went out to teach. Even though she cut my hair for free, it looked like a little kid cut it. We got to N."s House and she cut my hair to make it even I was dying having another person cutting my hair who doesn't know how, but she fixed it! Hallelujah! My hair is so much shorter (about 6") but I'm grateful it will grow back and that it's all one length. Got to have a crazy haircut story from your mission!
Haircut ~ BEFORE, when it got ruined.......
                    and AFTER, fixed by investigator)!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016
Today we watched a satellite transmission for the missionaries throughout the world. It was so cool hearing the apostles and learning what we need to do better as missionaries. The whole time I kept thinking about how the Savior truly is returning. The apostles taught us that we need to focus more on our purpose of inviting all the world to repent and be baptized. What an amazing feeling it is to know you are a missionary and an instrument in Gods hands to change hearts and lives. While we were walking to an appointment, President Parella called telling us that while we are in Livramento next week, we can cross the border into Uruguay and buy things and talk to the people there! What an experience and privilege! Sisters are not serving there, but we get to go to Livramento and Uruguay. What a blessing! I love President. He is so loving and understanding. He is giving us 50 real's to buy things in Uruguay. I hope I can see my cousin, Lexa, who is serving there too. We found an elect, M. L. We found her clapping doors and she immediately let us in. We are so excited to teach her. The Lord is truly guiding us and helping us find his children. 
Porto Alegre and a pineapple that an Elder gave me cause I don't eat anything that has milk 
 He feels bad cause he always brings treats for everyone and I can't have any. 

Friday, January 22, 2016
N. was baptized today! Ahhhhh! Que felicidade! :-)
BATISMO!!!! so amazing.

The church was having a soccer game on Saturday and for Brazilians, soccer is super important, so we moved the baptism to Friday. What an amazing, spiritual experience it was! N. didn't believe in God when we met her and has changed completely and such a short period of time. Her husband, E., has been inactive for years and now holds the priesthood. He is working towards being sealed to N. They were already at the church building when we got there an hour before the meeting.  E. told us, "Sisters, I can't baptize her. I am going to forget the words and it would be better if an elder did it."  He went on and on about how he didn't want to. It was clear that he was nervous. Sister Coelho and I sang a special musical number for her in Portuguese and a small part in English. It was so special. She was glowing with happiness as she left the water.  E. did baptize her and he said, and did, everything perfectly. Everything about it was perfect. I couldn't hold back my tears of pure joy. E. bore testimony after she was baptized and it was so powerful. It was so amazing seeing the change they went through and how now E. will baptize their future children and have an eternal family. My testimony grew so much as we have been teaching them. The gospel is perfect and truly is the only way we can have true happiness. I love E. and N. I know God knew we needed to find each other. They went through so much to be strong members of the church. Living God's plan never is easy, but it is so worth it. Words cannot describe the happiness I felt watching her being baptized. Being a missionary truly is the most incredible honor.

Sunday, January 24, 2016
I am so grateful for faithful member missionaries. P. and D. Martin's always help us with our investigators. They are a couple that talk to, give rides to, and support the people we are teaching. E. and M. too. I am so impressed at how much they do as members. One of our investigators came to church and when I asked her how she got there, she said, "Brother E. picked me up." .... The members give rides to our investigators for church without us even asking! I hope to be like these amazing members. They teach me so much. N. received the gift of the Holy Ghost in Sacrament meeting. What an amazing moment it was too experienced and witnessed a joyful expression of peace on her face as she realize she was a member now of Christ church. I gave her the biggest hug afterwards. 
N. after she received the Holy Ghost!!!  I love her!
What an incredible woman she has become.  I. came to church with us to and will be baptized on Saturday this week. God is so good. This is such a special time. We meet so many amazing people that have changed me forever. I will always cherish the moments I've had to witness the change the gospel of Jesus Christ has made in the lives of these people. N. and E. will forever be a part of my heart. What a blessing it was to see her transformation and witness the light and happiness that is now a part of her countenance. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. Heavenly Father has truly blessed me more than I could have ever imagined. This week I hit my year mark. One year ago I was heading out to the MTC in Provo to start the most incredible journey of my life. 
ONE YEAR DOWN!!! ahhhhh
Our dirty burnt feet hahaha
As I reflect on this past year, my heart is full. This past year has been by far the most difficult, spiritual, amazing, and most rewarding time of my life. As we drove to the airport on January 28, 2015, I didn't have any uneasy feelings. I felt completely calm. I was sad to be leaving my family, but so excited to do what I knew have my Heavenly Father called me to do before this life. I knew I was doing his will and the right thing. Even though I felt nervous and scared, he gave me strength. He led me through it all. Throughout my mission I have learned to completely trust and have faith in him and his timing. He has transformed me into someone I never thought I could be. I've gained a testimony and witness of his reality. He changes us to become what He wants us to be when we allow him to take control over our lives. He loves us with such a special and personal love. He knows our fears, doubts, insecurities, dreams, and potential. He sees us for who we truly are. I love him. He is my strength. Gives me courage. He changes me and guides me. I know He is real. I cannot thank him enough for what he does for me and for this time he has given me to be his witness. The church is true. Sister Porter. 

A cup that a recent convert had in her home....
um ya, no one speaks English correctly hahahaha!
Açai ice cream! I almost cried it was so good.
My cute little girls and their "Frozen" birthday party.

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