Monday, April 6, 2015

       REMEMBER TO DO C.P.R.                                                           

This week was crazy. So crazy. But God is real and so good. Through the ups and the downs (which is constant), Heavenly Father has been there for me. Especially this week. I learned so much.First off, we have A.'s baptism on SATURDAY!!! AHH! I could die of excitement. It has been so incredible to see someone so ready and willing to follow the example of Jesus Christ. She is so amazing. I feel so honored to have been one of the people to help her come to know the truth and witness this happy change in her life. This is what missionary work is all about-helping people change through the Atonement. It is the most amazing feeling. She passed her interview with flying colors and it was so sweet to talk with her afterwards. She had taken the discussions with missionaries for years, but didn't understand what they were teaching her. She said they blasted through the discussions and didn't show they really cared about her. But, that when we visited with her, she understood completely and knew it was true. It just goes to show that the Lord knows what missionaries to send to his children and at what specific time they need them. Amazing.We have been visiting a less active family recently. They are struggling with their rebellious daughter and don't know what to do. The mother asked us about the atonement. It was an amazing experience to share what really happened in the garden with her and to see her eyes fill up with tears as we shared what he did for her. I was so amazed at how strong the spirit touched her as we bore our testimonies of the atonement and Jesus Christ. I love this work and my Savior. We had some rough lessons with our investigator, C.. He is not humbled yet to really want to know if God and the Church are true. I get so frustrated after lessons when they don't want to seek out their Savior or don't do anything to know if the gospel is true when they know deep down it is. It hurts me so bad when they say something rude about God or Christ and you just have to suck up all of your emotions and respect their views. If only these people knew how much we study for them, pray for them, cry for them, and how much God loves them! It's tough. I burst into tears a lot after lessons. I have way too much love for these people. It is hard and discouraging sometimes. But missionary work needs to be that way. This gospel is not a cheap or easy experience.Miracle of the week: We taught 2 full lessons, got 3 new investigators, and return appointments will all of them in just 30 min! CRAZY. God is so good to us. He is in charge of this work. It is so amazing to be experiencing these miracles first hand! The gospel is true, the book is blue, and we are rocking it here in Riverview!General Conference. Best couple days of my life!!! The messages were so inspired and answered so many of my prayers. We are so blessed to have apostles and prophets that are true and living! They are literally Christ's mouthpieces for the world!!


(Happiness of Watching Conference) 

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true. I KNOW it. I have seen the influence of the Savior in my life. He is our constant best friend, older brother, and redeemer. He loves you. He knows you perfectly and personally. I know that as we listen to the words of the prophets and live the gospel, we will find peace that cannot be found anywhere else. The gospel brings true happiness. He LIVES! Because he lives, we can change. We can become so much better than our old selves. "Don't walk, RUN" He is there for you even when you don't realize he is. I love this perfect church. I love my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Always remember to do CPR (church, pray, read) and everything will turn out. Eu amo voces muito! :)
Sister Alena Porter

I love the Detroit cars!! Had to take a pic hehe

Easter!! The R. family gave us chocolate bunnies 

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