Tuesday, March 31, 2015


March 30th, 2015                  
Favorite quote of the week:
"It's true, isn't it? Then what else matters?"-President Hinckley
One word to describe this week?...Miracle. Pure miracle! There is so much that happens in one day let alone a week! So, I'm gunna bullet point my experiences. :)
-I had Mexican food last P-day for the first time in 2 months and I almost cried I was so happy! No joke. I was in heaven.

-I loved receiving letters from mom, dad, G., & C.,! Made my whole day. Letters are the best and so comforting. Muito Obrigada minha familia!
-We taught J. about Joseph Smith and he committed to baptism. Woohoo!! Best feeling ever when they are ready and willing
-Wednesday I had a special experience with God. Very personal experience. But basically I know He is real, answers my prayers, and relying on Him & having full faith in him is my main goal.
-Wednesday a man from our ward told us of the power that comes from praying for the hearts of the people in our area to be softened. We took the challenge. --The next day we prayed so hard, trusting in God that he would allow his children to accept our message. We tracted almost the entire morning. Nothing. Everyone slammed the door, told us they already have a church, busy, or not interested. Difficult. We got so down and were so confused. THEN, our two investigators with baptismal dates canceled their appointments we had with them for the day. Ya. Everyone rejecting us, and now our lessons fell through. SO we pulled over into a driveway and thought about what to do next. We felt prompted to go finding in the nearby mall. A young man was sitting on the bench. We go up to him and share a message. We ask him if he would be interested in reading the Book of Mormon. He immediately accepts to read the Book and to meet with us. Crazy. We were shocked. No one is that open. haha! 
Then we go to visit a referral. They weren't home. But as we are walking back to our car, we run into a man. He tells us that his daughter just died and that he's super depressed and needs God in his life. He tells us that we are angels that answered his prayers. He explained that he hadn't been outside all day, but felt like he needed to go outside for fresh air and to pray to God. WE WERE DYING. Miracle!! God literally placed him in our path. We were mind blown! We then taught C. in the library and a lady came up to us afterwards and told us that she is Baptist and wants to hear what we have to say. She told us that she is confused as to why there are so many churches. COME ON! Restoration. We found 3 people that day! ALL because of the spirit and having faith in Christ. We were brought down, but brought us right back up! Amazing. Christ is real and this work is true.
-We had interviews with Pres. G. He is amazing and answered so many of my questions.
-Women's conference. Made me super emotional. I love my family and Elder Eyring answered my prayers.
-We taught seminary this morning!! Woohoo! All of my dreams are coming true!! haha
-Funny fact: The people underneath our apartment smoke marijuana...nasty smell. And everyone has cats.... therefore, everyone's house smells like cat pee
-Yesterday, A less active woman we have been working with bore her testimony for the first time EVER. So wonderful and special to witness
-A.'s baptism is next week! YAY so excited!! The church is true.
As you can see, the life of a missionary is amazing. This is the best time to spread the word! I feel so immensely blessed to be serving my Savior. This Easter season remember the atonement and what he has done for you personally. He is the only one who knows you perfectly. He knows your struggles, he knows your weaknesses, and knows what you are capable of becoming. He can make you more than you could ever dream! I love him with all of my heart and am so grateful for the relationship I have with him. Remember him in your life and allow him to guide your course. I love you all!!
Sister Alena Jane Porter

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