Monday, April 20, 2015

Last email from Michigan...

Hey hey! I LOVE YOU! And I leave for Brazil in a couple hours!!! ahhhhh! I cant even believe it! My dreams of being a missionary in South America are finally coming true! I am sooo nervous though....this will be a very different experience than serving in Michigan. But I am so glad I got to serve here for a little bit. Heavenly Fathers plans are definitely not my plans, but I know that he knows what people need me and what I need to learn/become.

This week was AMAZING. So stinkin' stressful and hard, but incredible. My heart hurts leaving these people whom I love so much. So much happened this week that I'm gunna bullet point it to make it short.
-TJ: He was still struggling with depression and so we talked about the atonement with him and what Christ did for him. He told us that he smokes marijuana and blasts loud music to numb his pain from losing his daughter. We applied Alma 36 to him and let him know that his pains can be changed to pure joy. We gave him the Book of Mormon and bore testimony. Four days later we went to visit him. He opened his door smiling, laughing, singing, and holding the Book of Mormon with markings all throughout it. He COMPLETELY changed! He was glowing and told us that he hasn't been depressed or sad and that the Book of Mormon has changed his life! He told us that he has never felt this happy or peaceful and has read all the way to Enos! In 4 days! TJ is a living witness that the Book of Mormon changes lives. He came to church on Sunday and said he felt at home and loved how the spirit felt. In gospel doctrine, he raised his hand and expressed his love of the Book of Mormon and how it has flipped his life around. I was so emotional as he thanked us sisters for being a miracle in his life and bringing him the gospel. As I talked to him for the last time, he got emotional and told me that I changed his life. Wow. Nothing describes the feelings a missionary has when they see that the spirit changed a person and that they made a difference in someone's life by listening to it. Best feeling ever. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to see people change their lives first hand all because the gospel is true. AMAZING.
-It was so sad saying goodbye to these people. It touched my heart
-This Saturday we went out with a bang! We found 4 new investigators and got sunburns from being outside talking to people all day.  I love being a missionary. There are definitely days that test your faith. But I have come to learn that when we just trust in God, and have faith that everything will be ok, all things work out. He knows best. He knows who is ready to receive the gospel. He knows you and what your going to do and say. We all need to trust him more. I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to serve in Santa Maria, Brazil. I know that my Heavenly Father needs me there. The mission is hard. Really hard. But God is all-powerful and truly knows everything. I know I don't know the language or the people, but he does and I'm going to try my best. I love you all!!! Boa sorte do Brazil!!!
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