Tuesday, March 3, 2015

                               SUPER HERO POWERS

Oi Todos!
This is the last week I have in the Provo MTC! I will be getting my re-assignment tomorrow after dinner & I'm so excited to be serving in the US for a period of time before serving in Brazil. I can't wait to actually understand & teach people without having to translate.  This week was amazing & sooo busy! Tuesday we had a devotional that really put my mission into perspective. Bishop G. Causse talked about how missionaries are super heroes with powers & everything. He told us that when we are weak, we are strong. I realized that I need to be more confident in God; that he will help me through all of my trials these next 17 months. When we are on the Lords errand, we are entitled to his help. That is such a comfort. All I have to do is allow the spirit to guide my steps & he will do the rest. What a blessing that is! It really hit me hard that I am going to be someone's missionary that brings their family the gospel. My heart is full. I remember meeting Cecil Samuelson (the man who brought my family into the church) & how I will treasure that emotional moment forever. I can't wait to bring this joy to people! This week we taught some amazing lessons to our investigators. They didn't go as we planned, but the spirit guided us to address their concerns & answer their heart felt questions. I was shocked at how easily words are coming. It is one of the most amazing feelings having the spirit take over your words completely.  Sister E. is in my district & has had some heart problems, so I went to the hospital with her on Thursday. It was SO weird being out in the world. People actually have normal lives!! haha It was amazing representing Christ & seeing that people recognize you because of him. I am living a dream. I wouldn't change my circumstance as a missionary for anything. I love learning & improving myself every day. I am so blessed to witness the blessings of the gift of tongues, the power of missionary service, and having more of the spirit more of the time! On Friday, we skyped a Brazilian woman! It was so crazy, Sister C. & I had no clue what she was saying. She had a very thick accent from Recife. It was really frustrating, but a wonderful learning experience. On Saturday, we taught our Buddhist investigator who doesn't have a testimony of Christ. We asked him so many deep questions and tried to explain who the Savior is, but nothing was working. My heart was pounding as the spirit told me to take a picture out of Jesus Christ. I held this picture up and began to cry as I testified & explained who the Savior is to me & how he has changed my life. The spirit was so strong. Jesus Christ is my strength, my best friend, my savior, and my guide. I am here because I love him. I feel his love constantly here in the MTC and love that he uses me to bless his children. I can't believe how much I have grown and changed in just 5 weeks! I am so grateful for my testimony and knowledge of the gospel. The experiences I have had and all of the times I have witnessed my Heavenly Fathers hand in my life has strengthened me and made me more than I could ever be. There is no greater joy than being a missionary! I KNOW these things are true!! Eu amo voces muito!
Sister Alena Porter

PS. I just love hearing about everything at home cause I never can talk to ya! 
-We had a devotional about how missions impact families forever. I thought of how yours and dads missions have blessed SO MANY! I am so grateful for your example and love of missionary work
-I'm so glad H. sent a coat cuz I might be going somewhere freezing in the US. And the Brazilian elders keep telling me that it is FREEZING in my mission. So tinkoo mommy!!!
-An elder got his visa in my district! But he went through a different consulate. But guess what? If we are out in the field in the US for a certain amount of time, they send us to the Brazil MTC for 2 weeks before our mission!!!
-We get our re-assignments tomorrow after dinner, and I will be emailing you where I'm serving! Yay for another mission call!!! :) It will be around 6:30 or 45
- I also will be calling you on either Tuesday or Wednesday of next week before I leave, but I will let you know
-Sorry no pictures this week. We got one in the snow, but that's about it because we have been working our tails off.
I am so not happy to be leaving here. My teachers are amazing. But so exciting to be starting another adventure somewhere else! The MTC is wonderful. I literally have the most amazing teachers. My teacher Irmao S. reminds me of J. He is so sweet & such a powerful man. The devotionals are amazing and I learn so much from them. Sister C. and I attend choir every week and I love seeing my cute Hermana S. everywhere. She is such a strength. I am so excited to be re-assigned! I get two mission calls, two missions, and possibly two MTC experiences!! So crazy. I feel so blessed right now.

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