Monday, March 23, 2015

March 9th, 2015
Ola Todas! I made it to Detroit safely today. And I LOVE it here!!! It is so beautiful, the houses are adorable, it is freezing, the mission home is so cute, and my Mission President and his wife are the kindest people on the planet. I absolutely love it here so far. It has been a long day. Only 1 1/2 hour sleep last night and so much to learn in one day! We get our companions tomorrow and I'm so excited to get to work in this city. It is similar to San Francisco, but really dangerous. We will have to be careful and follow the spirit. We sisters get to drive our whole mission and the elders get bikes :) haha I am feeling dumb because I keep wanting to say things in Portuguese and its hard for me to transition into a mission I had no plan of going to. But I love this and am so excited! I shared the gospel/my testimony with the man next to me on the plane. It was awesome. Especially cause he couldn't leave :) haha This is such an exciting time in my life. I feel so blessed and know that I am here for someone. I love you all!!! Tchao!!!
Sister Alena Porter

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