Monday, June 13, 2016


I'm gaúcha!!! ;) In my dreams....haha

Ola todos! What a week! Santo Angelo is quite the place. This week we talked like crazy and literally invited EVERYONE to be hear our message. It was awesome! We reached all of our goals and even exceeded them this week. We were amazed at how many people we taught and how many people we visited. This week was incredible! We both have got fire in our bones and are working great together. I love my companion. She is so calm, sweet, and fun. We are going to make these next two weeks ones to remember.
We are seriously teaching so many people. Santo Angelo is an area that can be tough too but missionaries, sadly, get used to rejection. We're teaching a very special family, E., N., Z., and her daughter. They are Catholic but when we talked about the Restoration, and the Book of Mormon, they completely changed. They understand now why there are so many different churches and they want to know more. It was such a spiritual lesson talking with them about the Book of Mormon. We really are blessed to have another book of scripture that clarifies so many things that were lost. A fun experience that happened this week was we taught a missionary from another church. We were planning on teaching an investigator, A., but she had a missionary there from some other Christian church. So, we taught them both! Haha. The lady looked like the typical preacher evangelical people with the long skirt and a bun in her hair. She was really old and kept looking at us like we were crazy. The people here that go to the other churches pay tithing so that a missionary can show up at their house to help them through their difficulties. We started talking with them and the missionary told us how she is a prophet and talks with God and that He reveals the future of others to her. We shared about the Restoration with her and Ana and challenged them to pray and know the truth from God. It was so neat seeing how she could feel the spirit. She clearly had no interest in praying to know, but she couldn't say someday, when she is in the presence of our Heavenly Father, that we didn't share the truth with her. It was an interesting experience to say the least.
She prophesied that I would travel across the world to share the gospel… Ha ha, Yep! I will be going back to the U. S.!  Haha We are also teaching a man named J.. He is so special and came to church yesterday! He loved the meetings and will be baptized on the 25th. Some cool things that happened this week:
*The sister that gave us lunch stopped me as we were about to leave to go work. She started to cry and thanked me for my testimony last Sunday. She said, "You answered my prayers and my fast. Wow! What a neat thing. We all need to share our testimonies no matter what because we don't know who may need it.
*We clapped The doors of rich people! So much fun haha and we use the intercoms on the huge buildings at night to get addresses because no one is outside in the cold. It's so fun.
*Jose & Elair, our investigators, came to church and loved it!
*I played the piano in Sacrament meeting because no one else knows how to play.
*The bishop announced that I would be giving a talk… Totally didn't know it, but I winged it and it went better than I thought.
*We found many new investigators.
*On Sunday, we have stake conference here in Santo Angelo and I will be able to see my sweet companion, Sister Da Silva (It's been about six months) and the people I taught in Santiago. My comp will also be receiving her patriarchal blessing so I will be able to experience that with her during the interval.
This time is so special. I love everything about being a missionary. The highs, lows, and in between moments are what makes us grow. So excited to work with all my strength these next two weeks and use my all to help my brothers and sisters here in Brazil. I love you all! 
Sister Porter

My cute companion and I on our way to church in the freezing cold.

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