Monday, January 4, 2016


Happy New Year! This week was amazing!! We had churrasco again at a members house, and man it was good! The people here sure do know how to BBQ well! We had a good time listening to the crazy people outside letting off bombs and fireworks for the New Year. Brazil goes crazy, and I mean CRAZY with fireworks and the little kids throw bombs everywhere that scare people but not much has happened since I last talked to you all on Thursday. We have taught a ton of lessons and found so many new investigators. The people here are a lot more receptive. It's awesome! We are preparing 2 couples for marriage and baptism and we have lots of people with a baptismal date. The only tough part is when they don't come to church and the date falls through. But we are working hard and seeing miracles. My companion is super fun and a powerful teacher. We are loving serving together. She is learning English, so its been fun to help and teach her. She is leaving Feb. 2 for home, so this is her last transfer as a missionary. So sad, but we are making the time amazing for her ;)
We have planned our divisions with the sisters for this month and I'm way excited to serve with lots of diferente sisters in lots of diferente places. I will be going on divisions with my old companion, Sister Hansen, for a day!!!! I'm so excited to work with her again and help her in her área. Funny thing that happened this week- on Saturday our lunch fell through and so we didn't have anywhere to eat and were far from our apartment. So what did we do? We bought what was cheap and close -fruit at the market.
We didn't have anywhere to eat, so we sat on the bus stop bench and ate while some sheep and an old man stared at us strangely. Missionary life. hahaha good times.

I am loving this new área, my companion, and the people. This is the best time to be a missionary! I love the gospel and sharing this happy message with the people here in Brazil. There is no place I'd rather be than here right now. I know the gift of tongues is real. I know God hears our prayers. I know He leads his missionaries to people who are prepared to receive us. I know He loves us. I know His Son is our Savior. This is the truth and brings so much peace and happiness. I love you all and hope you have set goals for this year!!! :)
Sister Porter
Your 20 year old missionary!

 PS. My transfer home is on July 12th. We got the calendar for the year today.

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