Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Day of the Dead

OI!!! First off, I just have to say that my cousins have the coolest costumes for Halloween!!! Parabéns! and I cant believe it's November...this month flew by. We have transfers this week, and I'm pretty sure I am going to be transferred. I can feel it. It makes me sad every time there is a transfer. The people here in São Gabriel are amazing. I love these Gaúchos.
This week was crazy with wedding and baptism planning. It is so much work! Running from place to place, making invites, and talking with the members to figure out what to do and how to do it. Man, it was rough but this Saturday is going to be one of the happiest moments of my life! E.and R. are going to get married and immediately after she will be baptized. She is dying to go to the temple and the ward is planning a trip in December! This is such a happy time for everyone. I seriously don't have words to describe how happy I feel as a missionary. I can't wait for Saturday!

This week was tough with a ton of people dealing with problems with the law of chastity. They get into relationships way too fast, and for the wrong reasons, and fall. It is so interesting as a missionary because I have seen that I can see when a person looses light and when they have light. People have a glow about them when they have the spirit and are doing the right things and I have learned to recognize it in people on the mission. We taught a teenager of about 16 years and he explained to us that he had killed someone to defend another, how he sold drugs at school, and how now he can't attend school because he's been to prison too much. Um ya I was dying inside...haha but it was so neat to hear him explaining how he wants to change his life. It was so powerful to see the reaction on his face when we explained to him the power of the atonement and that he can change.
We are working with C. and she is still wanting to be baptized, but not yet. She attends church every Sunday and is practically a member already, She just doesn't know it yet ;)
Yesterday was "day of the dead" here in Brazil and so we went to the cemetery to talk to the people there about the plan of salvation!
It was STINKIN' AWESOME. I loved it! Seriously, it was so fun. We talked to so many people and taught so many lessons. We had so many funny experiences. I started talking to an old man and turned out that he is the pastor of the biggest church here in Brazil. haha There were so many Catholics, and people crying and praying. It was quite the experience but I loved finding the people who were all alone that really needed to hear that their family can be eternal. Such a powerful knowledge that we have.
I am so grateful for the plan of happiness. It is perfect! God loves us so much. We have a purpose. He wants to give us all that He has. All we have to do is live what he says. I know families are forever. I love this gospel. I love being a missionary and sharing this message with everyone. The church is so true! I love you all and hope you have a great week!!! :)
Sister Porter

P.S. Oh I forgot to tell you that I ate chicken liver and chicken heart this week....um ya it was nasty...didnt like it, but I have to try it because I'm Brazilian ;)  But don't worry, I'm not going to eat it any more.  I did it just to say I tried it and didn't like it to the members haha - it was nasty. I put TONS of ketchup all over to cover up the taste! 

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