Monday, October 26, 2015

"Ohhhhh we´re half way there!!!!.....ohhhhh!! Livin´on a prayer!" haha I'm sure all of you started singing the song, huh? ;) I'm kinda freaking out at how fast the time is flying. I'm almost at the top of the mountain now. I will hit my half way mark on Wednesday! I entered the mission field 9 months ago and now have 9 months to go. Crazy. I don't know how I feel.

This week was a crazy one. And I mean crazy. Full of stress, let downs, miracles, blessings, and tons experiences. Basically the typical life of a missionary.
First off, my prayers were answered and my dreams are coming true. E and R. will be married on November 7th and E. will be baptized immediately after. AHHH!! My heart couldn't be more overjoyed!!! We challenged them to pray to know if November 7 was the day they needed to be married and for her to be baptized, and they said it was!!! Ahh I cried....and couldn't sleep that night...haha but seriously, there are no words to describe the feelings I have knowing that God used us as his servants to help a family receive the gospel. I have seen them completely change through the gospel. R. is now very active in the church and E. LOVES everything about the gospel and church. I love their willingness and desires to do the will of God. They are so humble. I cannot wait for the day they will be sealed to their children. my heart is overflowing with a joy that cannot be described with words.
Wednesday we worked in João de Barro and gave tea to people who want to stop smoking. It was hilarious. We made tea out of the tobacco they smoke, and when they sip just a little bit, they wont want to smoke more. It was so funny showing them how awful smoking really is. But it rained super hard that day. We didn't know it was gunna rain so we didn't bring umbrellas and we were about 40 min walking distance from our home. So yep, we walked in the pouring rain all the way home in the mud. But hey, we found a turtle in the street! :)
Thursday morning sister Romero handed me the phone and I heard a voice I recognized. Sister  S.!!! Ahhh my mom (trainer) of the mission! I was dying. The sister training leaders were doing divisions with her and let her call me! So special to talk to her. She changed my life and had such an impact on me. My companions will forever be close to my heart. 
Also this week we watched a transmission from the MTC in São Paulo. Elder Massagardi, and others, talked to the missionaries there and we got to watch it yesterday! It was so powerful to watch and such a testimony builder to see the missionaries and be reminded of the sacred calling we have.
My zone! This was yesterday at the transmition!!! 
I love being a missionary.

This is such a special time for us to spread the gospel to all the earth. We have the cure that can bring all happiness! I love my Savior and know He is at the head of His church. I know He loves us and hears our prayers. I love you all! Boa semana para vocês!
Sister Porter

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