Monday, September 14, 2015

Oi!!! Estou ainda amando São Gabriel e as pessoas aqui! (Translate: Hi!!! I'm still loving San Gabriel and the people here) sounds like everyone is done with weddings and making good memories. I hope you all are well and happy! This week was interesting. 
First off, we have been finding new people and it has been wonderful. On Wednesday we had divisions with the sister training leaders and it was a blast! I love divisions! I got to work with Sister Brito from Northern Brazil and it was so much fun. I love Brazilian sister missionaries, they are so amazing and strong in the gospel. Every time it is so fun learning from other people and seeing what I need to improve to serve these people better. 
We are still working with J. and helping him to come to church. The people here are so open to letting you in their home, allowing you to teach them, and will even read and fulfill what you tell them to study. But when it comes to commitments like going to church, praying specifically for an answer, or being baptized, they run away. When I got my mission call here I thought that for sure we would be baptizing every weekend like my brother in Mexico..haha, ya no. The people here are so loving and willing to listen, but won't do anything about the feelings and answers they receive. J. has a testimony and knows the church is true, but doesn't want to change his way of living. He lives with his "girlfriend" and knows he is living in sin. He is just one example. We are teaching so many people who are a little tough when it comes to commitments. We taught a family this week about the Restoration. Everyone was in tears and the spirit was SO powerful during the entire lesson. They understood everything, but when we invited them to be baptized, they say no, or they will think about it.ahhhhh!!! Frustrating! but then I remember how frustrated Heavenly Father is with us when he has blessings waiting for us and we don't want to change our ways and receive what he has to offer that is so much better than we could ever imagine. 
We are teaching so many amazing people. I love this area!! E. and R. will receive their marriage papers soon, so I am hoping I wont be transferred in two weeks haha. R.and E. are still fighting in their relationship. R. comes to church every week. He stops work and without fail is there every Sunday ready to learn. He could be baptized but needs to separate or get married. It's so hard here too teaching people that need to get married cause they have to wait forever to get their papers all worked out, but for sure he will get baptized someday. 
Last night was awful. We felt to pass by L. and S. home. (they need to be married so she can be baptized. He is a less active member) so we stopped by. But right as we got to their door, we could hear them arguing, but we still felt to meet with them. So we clapped their door, entered into their home, and immediately I could feel something was wrong. The house smelled like cigarettes and the spirit wasn't there. I immediately asked them what happened and oh man. Remember how they stopped smoking? Well S. told us that L. went out drinking with his friends and came back late completely drunk and smelling like woman's perfume. Um ya and now he's smoking again. AHHH! I couldn't believe it. He fell. My heart broke seeing S. trying everything to be baptized and sealed in the temple and her husband making wrong choices. I have learned so much in my mission about families and marriages. Let's just say I know what kind of man I need to marry and what kind of father my children need for sure now haha. Satan is so real. He knows our weaknesses and is waiting for moments of vulnerability that we may give to him.
I know that sometimes times are hard but there is such a powerful tool that all of us can use to change and become better- the atonement. We are never too late to use it and never too far to reach forgiveness. It is so real and so powerful. I have seen it change lives. I know my Savior lives and was the only person who could have performed such a task. Look to him in all things. He can heal anything! I love you all!!! Beijos!!!
Sister Porter
PS. I love you and will send pics next week sorry didn't have time this week.

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