Monday, August 10, 2015

Olá olá!
Oi! Ok, so I have no idea where my email went from last week and it was a great nice big long one....sorry mom. Bem vindos ao Brazil!! (welcome to Brazil) haha but this week was awesome! I was so happy to be able to Skype you all and see your faces and hear your voices. My mission president really is a special man to let us talk to our dads on Fathers Day. I loved seeing grandma and grandpa Fisher too! I miss them so much and hearing that cute accent made my heart soar. Thank you for your words and prayers grandpa and grandma. We had a family night with members, investigators and some less actives and I shared how my grandparents sacrificed so much for the church. How they are pioneers and missionaries. How because they left their country, their culture, their family, everything-->generations and my family has forever been effected. How they sacrificed so much to be sealed and live close to the temple and how because of them, every grandchild they have, girl and boy, has served a mission. I am so grateful for my grandparent missionaries.
This Sunday I gave my first talk in church here in Brazil. And I literally winged it cause they told me I would "maybe" speak. But it was such a neat experience. I asked them to think about their relationship with their dad and then their relationship with their Heavenly Father. I shared how my dad is so special to me. How he is truly someone I want to be more like and how people always say I look like him and they can tell I'm a Porter. haha I compared this to the way we need to be with our Heavenly Father. He is our dad! People need to look at us and see that we love him. See a light that burns within us that shows that we truly are His child. I hope you all try to look for ways to be more like Him and our Savior in everything you do.
Our investigator, E., had some doubts about stopping drinking coffee when we visited her a couple weeks ago. She shared how she has major migraines and needs it as a medicine because of the caffeine. We told her that we would do a fast with her family and see what happens when she stops with faith. Well, we fasted and prayed so much and returned to visit her. We were so worried she would have difficulties. But she told us that she feels sick when she drinks it and completely gave it up. Her friend came over (nonmember) and said "Why aren't you drinking coffee?' in a kinda 'your crazy' way and she completely bore her testimony and shared how she has been strengthened by obeying the word of wisdom. Miracles do happen people! She now has her papers for marriage and will be baptized in about a month! yay!!!
I got pictures this week of my dear J. being baptized in Santa Maria and lemme tell ya, my heart couldn't be happier!

Note sent with Pic: Sisteres queridas!
Queria compartilhar com vocês essas fotos e parabenizá-las pelo trabalho e amor de vocês.
A ala Santa Maria ainda está colhendo os frutos que vocês plantaram. Amo vocês! Beijoos! <3  
TRANSLATION ~  Dear Sisters!
I wanted to share with you these photos and congratuate you for the work and love you gave.
Santa Maria is still reaping the fruits that you planted. I love you!

There are no words that describe the feelings that come when someone you love so much enters into such a sacred covenant.
I read in the scriptures today in D&C 1:23 about how God calls missionaries that are imperfect, young, and that don't know everything for a reason. I was deeply touched. I met J. when I could hardly speak anything in Portuguese, but she was touched by the simplicity of our testimonies and our love for her. There is no happiness like the happiness of a missionary. I love LOVE love being a missionary. This is the toughest most amazing thing I've ever experienced. Every day I feel like singing the primary song "I feel my Saviors love". This gospel is so true and so amazing. it is truly the only way to true happiness. I love my Savior. I love this gospel. I know its true. Thank you all for your prayers. Amo vocês!!
Sister Porter

Yes, I ate armadillo!

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