Monday, August 17, 2015


This week we got transfers! I will be serving with sister Romero from Argentina! Yayyy! Espanol! haha I am so excited to meet her and work with a Hispanic. I am going to miss my comp so much though. I have learned so much from her. I am going to miss her whistling in the street, the funny stares we get, the lessons we teach when neither of us know what they are saying and we just laugh after, screaming with excitement after amazingly spiritual lessons, and the way she says "tudo bem" at the top of her lungs. Every companion is so special and truly meant for that time. I miss Sister A. de S. so much. It's crazy. She is literally like a sister to me. (mom please tell her I miss her and love her for me).
Our area is amazing. We have amazing branch members who are returned missionaries and know how to work with us. We have so many family nights each week with the members and investigators, it's amazing. 

G. is a young woman who is prepping to serve a mission and totally reminds me of myself before the mission cause she comes with the sisters to lessons a ton to prepare. The youth here are POWERFUL. Their testimonies are amazing. 
Our elders in our branch are amazing too. They are truly our friends. Elder G. is the best district leader I've ever had. Every district meeting I learn something new. He is inspiring and Elder M. is my bud from the MTC, so its so funny having him in the same place. We play "what are the chances that you do this..." all the time and teach Elder G.(Bolivian) American jokes. They are a hoot! I am in the best area.
Funny things that happened this week: 
-Our investigator R. wouldn't let go of my hand when I was shaking it...and called me "Angel face"....sooo weird. Sister H. and I were dying afterwards haha I get weird comments all the time
-We visited a less active member and asked her if she has been reading her Book of Mormon. She said "ya! every day" and pulled out her gospel principles handbook....umm ya....liar
-Our leader of the mission thinks he receives revelation for our lives...Lets just say our meeting was quite the experience. He petted my head and told me to never change. Strange people here my friends....strange people haha
-We were doing contacts in the street and as my companion was talking a bird totally pooped on her head
We are teaching so many amazing people! I. is a daughter of a family of members but she has never been baptized. She's about 17 years old. 

 We are working with her. It's so special to help the teens, I love it. L. is also a teen and dating a member in our branch. She has such a strong testimony and called us this week and told us that she wants to be baptized next week! So we shall see. R., remember her? Ya we brought up the word baptism and she got nervous, so we are helping her to get ready. She is so special and loves reading the Book of Mormon. I love seeing her because she gets so excited to learn more. E. - she is a miracle. She stopped drinking coffee, received a testimony of the word of wisdom and now is preparing to get married and baptized. Her husband is a less active member that we are working on activating and has the Aaronic priesthood to baptize her. He is working right now to get the Melchizedek Priesthood. They are sooo special. They are doing everything to have an eternal family and be sealed in the Porto Alegre temple. This week we passed by their house and E. said that her friend was in trouble and needed to move out of her house immediately. So we went over to the house with her. The woman was in tears and was so distressed. We started to help and then called the elders to come too. She told us that she asked E. why she is so happy and what the sisters are doing to her haha and Enilda told her that she stopped drinking coffee and loves our messages and knows it's true. The woman, S., said she stopped drinking coffee and told us that she wanted to learn more. She said she could feel such a calm peaceful feeling with us there in her home. This experience was amazing. E. is such a missionary and we are starting to spread the news more and more. This week was amazing. This time is so special. I love watching the lives of people change completely and see the light and peace of the gospel enter their lives. This is true! I know it. This week share your testimony about something with someone because you never know what could happen. I love you all!!! Tchao! Beijos!
Sister Porter

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