Monday, July 6, 2015

Guess what happened this week?! So much. Hospital, trabalho (work), and TRANSFERS!! Ahhh!! Crazy. But I will make things short and sweet.
Tuesday- We had lunch with a member, like usual (oh btw we Always eat with the elders....strange...but ya) and my stomach and head hurt SO BAD afterwards. I prayed so hard afterwards and guess who called us? Sister P. (Presidentes wife) miracle. She said she has been looking up my symptoms online and has found what I have. An allergy called "tiamina". It is found in milk, sausage, bread, oily foods, etc. Man! I cannot express how thankful I am for Sister P. She is the only person that would listen/believe in me and isn't giving up on me. She found my allergy! Que bênção! (translate~ what a blessing!)
Thursday- Sister P. told me to stop eating a ton of diferente ya I was dying of starvation eating fruit all day and my headaches continued. So we went to the head doctor to see what's up. Sister P. was so funny telling the man, "This young woman is a sister missionary who has headaches constantly. I know she doesn't have depression and she speaks this language well. I know it has to be something more than an emotional problem. Doctor, she needs to stay in this mission. so do whatever you need to do." I about died with gratitude. He knew immediately what my problem was. Enxaqueca. (migrane that never goes away). He said that some one in my family genetically passed enxaqueca to me and that I got it this early in my life because of allergies to food, stress, lack of sleep, working without stopping, and many other things. It is awful. It is a dizzy, pounding pain that doesn't go away. But, he said with time it should go away if I take the medicine he gave me and take things slower. He gave me meds and I have been feeling SOO much better!!! I feel sooo blessed that Heavenly Father answered my prayers!! I felt so loved and special the whole day as Sister P. accompanied my companion and I. When I thanked her, she just said, "Oh Sister Porter, you have no need to thank me. You have so much you need to do still in this country. You will be a powerful missionary. I know it." I couldn't feel more grateful for my mom here in the mission. She is such an example to me and I can actually understand her haha! Accomplishment! (she talks super fast Portuguese)
Friday-TRANSFER CALLS! Ahhh! Sister Souza and I have BOTH been transfered out of our área. Our área is too dangerous for sisters, so elders will be taking over. :( SO SAD. I have been transfered to serve in São Gabriel with Sister Hansen! She is an Americana and is from Utah. She has been out for about 1 year and I'm SO excited to be working with her. I've heard she is super happy all of the time and that she speaks Portuguese really well. I cant wait!! Also another answer to prayer. I will be traveling to São Gabriel tomorrow morning.
I will miss Santa Maria so much. Saying goodbye was so hard. Yesterday EVERYONE bore their testimony during sacrament meeting and it was so sad having to say goodbye to the members. 

Because there was no time, I bore my testimony in Relief Society and it broke my heart seeing so many wonderful women that I love so much. This is the best mission in the world. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. I love you all!!! Tchao :)
Sister Porter

Minha companheira. Eu amo ela muito.(My companion. I love her)
We love C. -our future missionary.

The Elders
M.-leaving on his mission to Bolivia this week
Bishop and his cute Family-changed my life
My gaúcha boots that a member gave me. I'm in love and they are so warm.

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