Monday, May 4, 2015

OI do Santa Maria!
Wow, I cannot believe this week went by so fast! This week was so crazy. I am pretty sure my brain lit on fire and blew up every single day. The language is so hard to understand and speak, but I'm getting better. It is so difficult because my companhiera is from Brasil Norte and has a different accent than the Southern people. And they talk soooo fast haha. The members and my companhiera say I am doing so well for a first weeker, but it is soooo frustrating and difficult. But I know and have faith that I will be able to communicate with these people fully one day. I absolutely ADORE Brazilians. They are totally my kind of people. I love them so much.
This week was tough. I had some discouraging moments. But I learned so much through the difficulties and have progressed so much in such a little time. I continue to speak Portuguese all day with my companhiera, eat the best food in the world (literally we get churrascaria every day for lunch with members), and enjoy the culture difference here. Everyone treats you like family, its amazing.They give us missionaries the best they have. Even when they have nothing. My heart was so full when our sweet 73 year old investigator left her house and got us biscuts and cake. She has nothing. But made me realize that these people give us anything and everything they have because of the joy the message of the gospel brings to them.
We had an actividade na igreja this week and I loved seeing the Brazilian culture!! Everyone is so loud and they all love dancing and music. haha totally my people ;)

I have seen so many miracles since I've been here. This is truly where Heavenly Father wants me to be at this time in my life. I want to sing the primary song; "I Feel my Saviors Love" allllll day because my heart is so grateful to be here. This is definitely the absolute hardest thing I've ever done. But this work is true and amazing. Im so glad Heavenly Father gives us time to serve him as missionaries because we have been given everything. We have the recipe to happiness. SHARE it! I love this work. I love the gospel. I love my Savior. I know He lives and loves us personally and in a very special way. Eu sei que quando nos tornamos como Jesus Cristo, nos vamos sentir paz e comforto que não existem no mundo. Ele é todo para mim. Ele é meu Salvador he força. Ele nos ama muito. Eu amo vocês muito!!
Sister Porter
P.S. I do live in a nice area. My area literally IS Santa Maria 
You would love Brazil. The people are so amazing. The food is so healthy too. Their dessert is literally fruit salad. My Portuguese has improved so much! I actually understand almost anyone. I just have a hard time replying because of my limited vocabulary but I talk to my comp all day and I understand her and she understands me. So its good. It is just so hard for me to not be able to fully express testimony or help the people fully yet but there is great power in a smile and in service.

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