Monday, April 11, 2016

Ola Minha familia! Como voces estao? Thank you for the emails, you are great. I'm so excited to be an aunt! What a blessing! I am so excited to talk to you all on Mother's Day in a few weeks. The time is surely passing fast. We will be receiving our transfer call this week on Thursday or Friday. I'm super anxious to know where I'll go and who my companion will be. If I leave this area, I will probably end my mission in this next area because I only have only two transfers left. So crazy. Anything could happen, but I feel like I will be leaving Uruguaina. It will be sooo sad to leave here, but we can't stay forever. I'm excited to see where Heavenly Father needs me next. This week was way stressful, rainy, cold, & full of learning experiences and miracles. 
We had a cool experience – a man called us during our morning studies and said, "Hello Sister Porter?" My companion replied "No this is Sister G. Who's speaking? " she put the phone on speaker phone and he said "Sister Porter gave me a little book about the gospel of Jesus Christ and I've been reading it. I'm on page 13 reading about the sacrament and I think this all is very interesting. What do I need to do to be baptized in this church?" Ahhhh!!! We both about died and thought it was a joke. Then I remembered who he was. I was on divisions with Sister S. (the American sister from Arizona) and a car with two men stopped us the middle of the road. He asked us the name of her road and then asked if we were missionaries, what church we attended, and what we do. We explained everything, and then we asked if we could visit him and his family to share a message about Jesus Christ. He said he works a lot and doesn't remember his home address because he had moved into the area a little bit ago. So, I wrote down our names on the pamphlet that talks about The gospel of Jesus Christ and invited him to read it and call if he had any questions. I was so shocked that he actually read and called. What an amazing miracle! Heavenly Father really does prepare his children to accept His gospel. I'm so grateful that I was placed in this man's path and that Heavenly Father trusted me to share with him the Gospel. I felt that I needed to write our names and our number down on that specific pamphlet that day for him. Heavenly Father really does guide this work. One simple invite can change lives.
M./N. - they are so special and will be baptized for sure! M. came to church yesterday and said he wants to follow the church and wants to serve a mission!
C./children – the kids will be baptized in May! Yay! Their dad… I don't like to talk about him because it's sad. He uses the money they receive to buy beer and drugs. He abuses/beats the kids and C.. He doesn't want to listen to us, we already tried. :-( It's way sad.
B. – she will be baptized too! Yay! We went invited to her restaurant to eat lunch.  It was so much fun. 
V./V. - they both were tough to teach, but want to be baptized now. It is amazing how Heavenly Father prepares missionaries to help certain people. They have been taught by many missionaries, but now are accepting the gospel :-)
 I love seeing miracles and being an instrument in Gods hands here in Brazil. I am so grateful He gave me this time to serve Him. I love you all and hope you have a great week! 
Sister Porter

A photo that Sis. R. sent to me. 

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