Monday, December 14, 2015

Peruvian, American, Brazilian, and Argentinian 
working in Santiago together.        
Báh tchê.(looked it up. Is Brazilian slang for -"too ridiculous for words"). I don't even know where to begin with this week. I received the Christmas packages from my F. grandparents and my mom and absolutely LOVED them!!!   
I was dying at everything I received. Thank you so much for everything it was perfect!!!
This week was full of teaching, running from appointment to appointment, sweating like crazy all day because of the heat, insane humidity, and seeing miracles.  
Popsicles in the heat. 

But I wanna share what happened this week with transfers.
So, normally we get transfer calls on Thursdays instead of Friday because President P. receives revelation super fast but on Wednesday this week, while I was getting ready for the day, we received a phone call. I saw that it was from the Assistants to the President. I immediately thought, we didn't do anything wrong, did we?' haha   So I answered the phone and the elder started to speak. "Sister Porter, President Parrella wanted me to talk with you. "You have now been called to serve as a sister training leader."....ahhh my heart was beating so fast!! I about died. He then continued to explain the role of this new calling and what I need to do as a leader of the sister missionaries. I literally panicked. I feel so inadequate and am still new to the mission but I have learned that in the mission, Heavenly Father calls us to do hard things because he knows we can do it. I feel so humbled to have received this calling. I completely didn't see it coming. Sometimes when we don't feel ready for greater things, our Heavenly Father gives us challenges to make us grow and be stronger. I am so excited to help the sisters here in this mission. I have already passed through a ton of things while on the mission. Things that have helped me grow, learn, overcome my fears and weaknesses, and change who I am personally as a daughter of God and as a missionary. I have completely changed while on the mission.  
I am so grateful for the confidence God has in me to lead the sisters here in the mission to be better and work harder. On Sunday we went to Santo Angelo for stake conference. and guess who was there? Presidente Parrella! ahh I went up to shake his hand and he said "Congratulations, Sister Porter. Heavenly Father trusts in you. You will be a great leader." I about died. I didn't have any words but receiving this calling has made me really grateful for the opportunity I have to share the things I have learned with other sisters so that this work can go better. 

Our zone

I will be heading out for the city of Uruguainana tomorrow afternoon to be the companion of Sister Coelho of Brazil. I am so excited! I am going to be on the border of Argentina! and my comp, Sister da Silva will go to São Gabriel to finish training a sister. My city! haha I feel so immensely blessed. I cannot describe the love I have for the gospel and this amazing work. We are so lucky as members. God is real. Christ lives. This is the truth!!
Sister Porter
PS: I wont have P-day next week because Christmas will be our P-day but I will be calling on the 25th. I cannot wait to see you!!!
The next time I will talk to you will be through Skype in Uruguaiana!! So excited! xoxoxox

Our district
Ward Council

Less active family we visited

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